Monthly Archives: December 2016

Villiger have relaunched an old favourite

Villiger cigars are one of the leading cigar manufacturers in the world, selling over half a billion cigars every year in over fifty countries! Known for their meticulous selections of the finest tobaccos from around the world that include flavourful Cuban and Dominican leafs that are of the highest standard whilst still remaining affordable.

Beautiful shaving equipment at Havana House

Beards have never been more popular, from the bearded hipster picking up his flat white to the distinguished gentleman puffing on his stogie at his favourite cigar lounge, they seem to be everywhere and on everyone! Having the perfect beard comes down to how you look after it, sure you could just grow it out […]

Delicious Christmas tipples at Havana House

Mince pies, turkey, cosy evenings in front of the log fire with a fine cigar, carol singing and spending time with family and friends are just a few of the things we love at Christmas, with the festive period also being the time to indulge in a few other luxuries such as enjoying your favourite […]