Monthly Archives: January 2017

Everything you need to know about the smoking jacket

For the stogie lovers among us, as with anything that is a passion, it is common practice to indulge in the culture and follow trends that are associated with said pastime. So, if you are looking to develop your love for the cigar world and all that is associated with it then it is integral […]

A journey through time: the cigar

Now that 2017 is well and truly underway, it’s time to remind ourselves of the rich and varied history of the cigar and why they are have played such an integral role in cultures throughout time. Knowing more about the background of certain cigars allows you to better understand the cultural significance associated with each […]

Your guide to buying a cigar as a gift

Choosing a cigar as a gift can be a daunting task to say the least. Similarly to trying to pick out a pair of jeans for a loved one or friend, picking out a cigar requires the knowledge of knowing their preferences, and what the smoker likes best of all. But thanks to out insightful […]

Davidoff Introduces the Escurio Cigar

Davidoff Escurio

A night in Rio inspires the Davidoff Escurio cigar The Davidoff Escurio is a truly exiting cigar worthy of a space in any aficionado’s humidor. As with every Davidoff blend, the Escurio has been inspired by Zino Davidoff’s pioneering spirit. In addition to this, team that it took to create this cigar found inspiration somewhere […]

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