Monthly Archives: February 2017

Enjoy these five cigars for the new cigar smoker

A cigar bundle available at Havana House

So, you want to become involved in the joys of cigar smoking? Well, before you start filling your cigar case we know that for the beginner, the biggest hurdle at the start of what is sure to be a long and illustrious stogie-loving career is identifying the right cigars to make your first step into […]

The Handy Guide To Knowing Your Cigar Sizes

Cigars on a table at Havana House

The shape of a cigar can fluctuate significantly in size, depending on brand. We know that it can be quite the task to explain the exact cigar you are referring to if you – or the person you are explaining to – don’t have the official terminology on board. But, let’s not worry about that, […]

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