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Famous sports stars who enjoy lighting up cigars

Miguel Angel Jimenez at the Schüco Open 2012, Golfclub Gut Kaden

Like the adoration we pile on celebrities, we also get carried away with famous sports stars, losing sight of the fact that they are just people like you and me. Professional athletes are the elite in their field, and they have dedicated years and sacrificed almost all aspects of their lives to succeed and be […]

Discovering the brief history of the Romeo Y Julieta cigar brand

A lit Romeo Y Julieta Cigar available at Havana House

Romeo & Juliet (Romeo Y Julieta) is not what many people think they are looking for when they do a quick search on Google. It throws up an altogether different meaning. This cigar brand is regarded across the globe by cigar aficionados alike as one of the finest cigars in production, but what else do we […]

Top 10 Best Selling Cigars At Havana House

From Cohiba to Romeo y Julieta, we have a fantastic selection of cigars in our humidor at Havana House. With such a fantastic selection of Cuban and premium cigars available it can be hard to know what to light up. With that in mind, below you will see the Havana House infographic of our best-selling […]

Remember these 6 essentials when smoking fine cigars

Cigar on ashtray | buy cigars online of the highest quality from Havana House

We’ve said it before and we’ll probably say it again; smoking a cigar is an art form. Whether you head to your local shop or buy cigars online, when you are smoking a fine stogie there are a few essentials you should remember before lighting up. We have looked at six of these essentials in […]

Exquisite Cigar Lighters at Havana House

Collection Lighters Lighter

When it comes to the best cigar smoking experience, there are small aspects that will ensure that your downtime goes as smoothly as possible, and the right cigar lighter is at the top of the list. We know you may have seen your favourite cowboy strike a match against their stubble before lighting their cigarillo, […]

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