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Choosing a cigar for the first time? Read our guide on how to pick the right one

Getting into cigars can be a daunting task, walking into a cigar merchants for the first time, choosing the right cigar for the first time and all the complicated bits that go with actually smoking that chosen stogie… How to light it? Where to cut it? What do I do if it burns unevenly? These […]

8 of the rarest cigars in the world

A row of cigars online available from Havana House

Although you can shop for a fine selection of cigars online in our store, there are some cigars that are just so rare that veteran collectors and aficionados will go to the grave without ever having seen one of these beauties, let alone smoke it! Many of these stogies are hidden in private collections, sat […]

Xikar to update much loved cigar cutter

Xikar cutters and a cigar

Xikar cutters are renowned for their exceptional craftsmanship, elegance and functionality, and when it comes to capping one of our luxurious Cuban cigars, there is no better cigar tool than a Xikar cigar cutter. From the popular punch style cigar cutter, V-cutter or the more traditional guillotine, Xikar has an implement for every taste, and […]

Infographic: Fascinating Facts About Cigars

A master Cuban hand roller rolling tobacco

Cigars are rich in their history, offering a whole range of wonderful and weird facts and stories, tales, and anecdotes along the way. The smoking of cigars has been prevalent for thousands of years, so you would expect to find some interesting and often surprising details that come with the popular hobby for so many. So with […]

5 London hotels with luxurious cigar lounges

Brandy and a Havana House cigar on a glass table in a cigar lounge

Smoking Laws around the world vary hugely, but in London, smoking in enclosed public places is banned – so where can you enjoy a cigar in civilised surroundings? Since the total ban on smoking in all enclosed public places was introduced in England in 2007 some of London’s finest hotels have been seeking to solve this […]

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