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Davidoff’s famed ‘702’ line now in-store

Eight years ago, Davidoff cigars released a limited-edition cigar that bore the ‘702’ name, it was given this name thanks to a unique hybrid seed that was created using three different strands of Cuban tobacco, it was then grown in Ecuador before it became the Ecuadorian wrapper that was used for the ‘Davidoff Limited Edition […]

The Fascinating History of Xikar Cigar Cutters

The Heirophant Cigar Selection

Xikar is the self-proclaimed ‘Best thing to happen to cigars since fire’. Given the excellent quality of every single one of their xikar cutters that is a difficult statement to argue with! The name Xikar comes from the Taino (Indigenous people of the new world) word for cigar, which is ‘sikar’. The ‘X’ was added […]

Guide to smoking your cigars when camping

Are we in England? It doesn’t seem it with this run of incredibly warm weather! For cigar lovers, that means enjoying your stogie in the great outdoors and whether you’re off the beaten track with a special someone, or partying the week away at one of the many great festivals in this country, follow our guide […]

Channel your inner bond with our 007 selection pack

Channel your inner Bond with some Cuban cigars

We have a new selection pack in store, and it’s certainly one that is going to appeal to any cigar lover who also shares a love of film as our new James Bond ‘007 Cigar Selection’, boasting an exciting and wide range of Dominican, Nicaraguan and Cuban cigars that are sure to delight stogie lovers […]

How Do I Light Up My Favourite Cigar?

While this isn’t considered an art form compared to finding the tasting notes in your cigar, it still is highly important to get this bit right – even aficionados get it wrong sometimes! The wrong tool, a slight unflavoured gust of wind, or just simply being too keen when it comes to lighting up your […]