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Peter James – The Gentleman’s Case You Cannot Live Without

A peter james case next to whiskey

It is far too common when heading to our favourite place to smoke a stogie, and our pockets are rattling around with keys, cigar cutter, lighter, wallet; nothing has its proper placement. As the style of men’s clothing becomes more fitting, it is becoming increasingly harder to fit everything in.

Davidoff Cigar Tasting – Meet the stogies you will be tasting at the next event in Bath – 31/08/2017

Two Davidoff cigars

It’s that time again gentlemen, the next Davidoff tasting evening is just around the corner and encroaching fast; this time held in the beautiful and stunning city of Bath in Somerset. We extend a warm invitation to everyone, from the beginner to the cigar aficionado.

Must-Read Books for the Modern-Day Gentleman

Man reads a book with a mug of coffee.

Got a few, rare moments to yourself? Why not settle down on a comfy armchair with some fine Monte Cristo cigars and dive into some of the greatest books every modern-day gentleman should read? We have compiled a list of five of our favourites that you should make a point of reading.

A Guide to the Autumn Essentials

Gentleman in brogues walks through autumn leaves.

You may think we are a little early to talk about autumn here, but before we know it, the autumn leaves will begin to fall, and summer will be gone. So, in the spirit of being organised, we have listed the essentials every gentleman will need for the autumn season.

6 Tips to be Unforgettable at the Next Gathering

Ernest Rouart painting, soiree, men and ladies talk at a party

At some point during your life, you will host or be invited to take part in a social gathering, a soiree, box social or party. This fantastic opportunity to meet another tribe, or celebrate with your own, should never be turned down without good reason; we understand it’s not always easy to navigate the intricacies […]

The Essential Elements for Your Man Cave

Man cave, complete with pool table and bar.

Man caves have been around for centuries; perhaps more commonly known as their more technical terms, such as study or library. The room, or area in some cases, is ultimately reserved solely for a man to relax in solitude, away from the rest of the world. This space allows him to pursue his hobbies and […]

Beginner’s Guide to Smoking a Pipe

Man smoking pipe tobacco through a pipe

“A pipe is the fountain of contemplation, the source of pleasure, the companion of the wise; and the man who smokes, thinks like a philosopher and acts like a Samaritan.” -Edward George Bulwer-Lytton, 1st Baron Lytton What does Sam Slick, Edwin Hubble, Van Goph and J.R.R Tolkien all have in common? Pipe smoking, of course! […]

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