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‘Tache Tips for Moustache Maintenance this Movember

A man with a moustache

The days are shorter, the skies are darker, and the air is getting cold; November is truly upon us! But there’s one thing that can keep you warm this coming month, or at least, your top lip; Movember is here! Whether you’re already sporting the ‘tache or are in the process of growing one for […]

The History of the Clay Pipe

A selection of clay pipe parts

When Sir Walter Raleigh introduced tobacco to the people of Tudor England all the way back in the 16th-century, a whole new industry was born; clay pipe making. They’re a far cry from the pipes we know and love now, but their history has paved the way for our tobacco smoking staple.

Does Whisky Taste Better with Water? Science May Have an Answer

A glass of whisky with ice

We all have an opinion on what constitutes the finest way to take your whisky; be it straight, on the rocks or with a splash of something sparkling. While whisky enthusiasts have long debated how the beverage is best enjoyed, science may finally provide us with an answer. New research into diluting the drink suggests […]

A Look into Famous Pipe-Smoker, Sherlock Holmes

The original illustration of Sherlock Holmes smoking a pipe.

 Sherlock Holmes is arguably Britain’s most beloved fictional detective, and whilst he may not be the first, he is certainly the most well-known. The Guinness World Records has even listed him as the ‘most portrayed movie character’ in the entire history, gracing our screens in numerous television, movie and game adaptions throughout the years. He […]

The Traditional Occasions to Enjoy Cigars

Groomsmen enjoy some fine cigars during a wedding.

The experience of cigars is always a welcomed one, regardless of the occasion. However, there are some milestones in your lifetime where a cigar is apt to celebrate the momentous event. In our latest guide, we highlight the times where you should arm yourself with some high-quality Cuban cigars, take a few puffs and simply […]

Introducing the New Davidoff Travel Humidor

Davidoff travel humidor

Whether you’re climbing a mountain, crossing the city during your commute, or catching a plane; your cigars go with you, preferably in perfect condition. Through the innovations of Davidoff and Marcello Bottino, cigar travel has truly changed. The new Davidoff travel humidor was first presented to the public at the IPCPR 2017 event, but thankfully […]

A Plugged Cigar: To Save or Not to Save?

Winston Churchill thinking.

1 Every gentleman has been there; you have been saving an exceptional cigar all day to relax with during the evening. It’s a peaceful night; you pour yourself a drink and recline into a comfortable position, the cigar is cut and lit, but there is a problem. Your draw becomes devilishly hard, and smoke volume […]

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