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How to Avoid Fake Whisky

A selection of whiskeys

A man walks into a bar… but this is no joke. Earlier this year,  Chinese writer, Zhang Wei, approached a bar at the Hotel Waldhaus Am See in St Moritz. He ordered the world’s most expensive whisky; coming in at £7,700 for a single shot. The dram came from a previously unopened bottle of ‘Macallan […]

Get Groomed Like James Bond

James Bond after shaving with a straight cut razor

James Bond is known for his love of classic cars, beautiful women and martinis; ‘shaken not stirred’. But the famous fictional spy is also associated with looking sharp in a well-tailored suit, and a clean-shaven jawline. We take a look at how to get grooming like 007, and let’s face it; who wouldn’t want to […]

How is Climate Change Affecting Cuban Cigars?

A tobacco plantation for Cuban cigars

Cuban cigars consistently rank at the top of many cigar aficionado’s favourites lists. However, with weather conditions changing for the worse due to global warming, how is the Cuban cigar industry being affected? We take a look at some of the effects on Cuban plantations:

What Should I Do With Cigars in Tubes?

A tubed cigar out of a humidor

1 One of the most frequently asked questions regarding cigars involves the tubes that some are packaged in. While there are no set rules in place when it comes to the correct practice for storing tubed cigars, we give you a handy guide to storage and answer some questions:  Why do some cigars come in […]

How to Smoke a Cigar in Winter

A man in winter looking for the best cigar lighter

When it gets frosty out, there’s nothing better than a rich smoke to help warm you up. But for many of us, smoking inside is unfortunately not an option. So, what do you do when the weather turns colder? We give you some top tips on how to survive the winter  

Cigar Questions Answered: How to Blow Smoke Rings

Smoke rings from cigars

1 We’ve taken a look at some of your most frequently asked questions regarding cigars on Google, and we’re here to answer them. As a smoker, at some point you’ve probably tried to blow a smoke ring. Many of us have never done it, but have dreamed of the day we can. Maybe you’ve managed […]

How to Avoid the Christmas shopping ‘Man Dash’

Shoppers looking for smokers Christmas gift ideas

‘Tis the season to leave your Christmas shopping until the last minute. Year on year, men leave their Christmas shopping to the absolute last minute. It’s become such a phenomenon that shops now specifically prepare for this event, dubbed the ‘Man Dash’. For the few organised enough to be unaware of the ‘Man Dash’, it […]

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