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Is the Shine on Your Wrapper a Sign Of Quality?

A pile of cigars

First impressions count, and as the first thing the smoker notices when looking at a cigar, the colour and sheen of the wrapper are incredibly important for revealing the quality of the cigar. The cigar wrapper essentially acts as a marketing tool for the cigar, and the manufacturer, trying to sell us the stogie with […]

The Art of Pairing Food with Cigars

A man enjoying food while smoking a cigar

Whether you’re an advocate for smoking your cigar after dinner, before dinner, or not revolving around your food schedule at all, the growing trend in the world of cigars is to pair them with food flavours, much like you would with whiskies and wine. This trend is somewhat splitting opinion; you either believe in the […]

Cohiba Talismán World Launch Report

Cohiba Talismán World Launch Report

Cuba’s first Edición Limitada of 2017, the Cohiba Talismán, made its debut last night in London. The big, dark cigars had a bit of a surprise…pigtail caps! When the Cohiba Talismán was announced in February at the Habanos Festival, art for the new Cohiba showed a picture-perfect mounted head. But there’s always a long delay—typically […]

A Gentleman’s Christmas: Christmas Gift Ideas for Men

A man’s Christmas gift

The golden leaves have almost all fallen off the trees, the days are getting shorter, and the occasional frost is appearing on the ground in the mornings. As winter sets in, we all begin to think about the festivities ahead. Eating delicious winter warmers, spending quality time with friends and family and sharing gifts and […]

A Gentleman’s Christmas: Best Pipes for Christmas

A twig of frosty berries

Christmas lights are starting to brighten up the dark skies, and our hats and scarves are out for good; the festive period has officially begun! In this chilly weather there isn’t much we enjoy more than cosying up by the fire with our favourite pipe, so why not gift one to your favourite people? You […]

Famous Pipe-Smoking Authors

A pile of open books

When we think of classic authors we imagine them at a typewriter, looking like a fine, scholarly gentleman; perhaps one who is smoking a pipe whilst gazing off deep in thought. The link between pipe-smoking and literature is one that has introduced many a pipe-lover to the hobby; both through the desire to obtain that […]