Monthly Archives: December 2017

How to Cleanse Your Palate to Better Enjoy Cigars

Lemons used as a palate cleanser for cigars

Sometimes when we smoke our favourite cigars the flavour tastes a little different to usual; perhaps a little muted, or masked by other flavours. Before smoking, it can be an idea to use a palate cleanser to ensure you are experiencing the full potential of your cigar. We show you why and how you need […]

Scientists Have Found a Way to Make Whisky Clear

Whiskey poured through a graphene filter

A recent research study from the National Graphene Institute has allowed for scientists to produce a whisky that is completely clear. Graphene is a million times thinner than a human hair, is flexible and is also stronger than steel, making it an incredibly versatile matter. Graphene is a material that was previously considered to be […]

Cohiba Majestuosos 1966 Set For Release

Cohiba Majestuosos 1966 with Cohiba cigar

Today, the Cohiba Majestuosos 1966 humidors are ready to hit the shelves in Switzerland, following an announcement from Intertabak AG, which is responsible for the distribution of Habanos S.A. products in the country. This highly anticipated release comes after the cigar was first presented, almost a year ago, during the Festival del Habano XVIII. Each […]

How to Host a Gentleman’s Dinner Party

A festive dinner party with cigars

With Christmas and New Years on the way, you may be starting to put plans in place to meet up with friends and family during the festive period. Often we fall into routines of meeting up; getting together at someone’s house for nibbles or visiting the same pub or restaurant year on year. Why not […]