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The Curious Cases of Canadian Club Whisky

Canadian Club Whisky

Starting over fifty years ago, Hiram Walker and Sons launched a marketing campaign like no other. Dubbed ‘Hide a Case’, the first campaign saw twenty-five cases of the quality whisky hidden away in wild and remote locations worldwide, from Mount Kilimanjaro to the Great Barrier Reef. Clues for the locations of many of these cases […]

Iconic Cigar-Smoking Comic Book Heroes

Wolverine smoking a cigar probably from Havana House

Superheroes, anti-heroes, comic book characters. However you like to portray them, there are always going to be some that are ‘cooler’ than others. When it comes to completing the cool look, nothing says this like working a stogie into your repertoire – just ask the guys from the Western films! We’ve put together a host […]

A Guide to the Smoking Jacket

Once upon a time, smoking jackets were worn every night after a dinner while enjoying a puff on a quality stogie. While such jackets are rarely used nowadays, we take a look at the history behind these iconic garments, and why they were so popular in the past.

You Can Now Invest In Whisky With A Scotch Investment Fund

Whisky that a person has invested in

A new financial opportunity is now on the cards for fans of whisky after The Single Malt Fund was launched by Swedish entrepreneur Christian Svantesson. Rather than investing in a whiskey company, such as Jack Daniel’s, The Single Malt Fund actually invests in the spirit itself. The business idea allows for investors to own a […]

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