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6 Unusual Coffee Trends to try this Summer

Coffee Trends: An iced coffee in a glass on a wooden table

Aside from whiskey, coffee is one of the most popular beverages to be enjoyed alongside a flavoursome cigar. But during summertime, many connoisseurs are put off by the thought of knocking back a steaming hot drink when the weather is so warm. However, not only can hot drinks actually help to cool you down but […]

Different Wrapper Types For Cigars

The wrapper of a cigar essentially acts as a form of marketing for the brand. As the first thing a cigar lover will see when inspecting their latest stogie purchase, the wrapper is a sign, indicating to them the taste, texture and flavours they may expect to find when enjoying a puff. The wrappers’ appearance […]

Worldwide Whisky Regions

Whisky from around the world

Whisky, or whiskey, is one of our favourite drinks. A dram of the golden amber coloured drink matches perfectly with a luxurious Cohiba cigar, and makes for a perfectly relaxed evening. Whisky is distilled from fermented grain mash, which comes in different varieties such as corn, barley, wheat and rye. It is usually then aged […]

Pair Your Cigars with These 7 Drinks

Most people are aware of what drinks they prefer to order when they go to a bar for drinks with friends, or to dinner with a loved one. But when it comes to pairing your beverages with a stogie, some people can fall short. This isn’t a slight on cigar smokers who are yet to […]

Why You Should Invest in a Smoking Jacket

A man with a beard and moustache pulling his jacket down and smiling

Every cigar aficionado will agree that unlike other variations of smoking, cigar smoking is more of an experience than a habit. While regular cigarettes are a quick-fix solution to a craving for nicotine and vaping has become the latest youthful trend, cigars embody a more ritualistic pastime that, with the correct apparatus, can be truly […]

Trends in the Size of Cigars and Pipes

Cigars of different sizes

For most areas of our lives, the things we enjoy come in and out of fashion, from clothes to music styles, to the food we eat. Two years ago, when Nigella Lawson revealed her ‘recipe’ for mashed avocado on toast, it wasn’t long before the avocado toast trend was rife in the millennial brunching scene. […]

8 Things a Cigar Aficionado Will Never Be Seen Doing

A ciagr from Havana House resting on top of a whisky glass

The pastime of enjoying a cigar is firmly in the realms of a serious hobby, and as such, for the aficionado – aspiring or otherwise – it is vital to ensure they uphold standards. Furthermore, as the education of the cigar journey lengthens, it will become apparent as to why there are some things that […]

Living Like Winston Churchill

Winston Churchill smoking Romeo and Juliet Cigars

While Winston Churchill is perhaps best known for being the Prime Minister to lead Britain successfully through the Second World War, the man is also known for his love of food, liquor and, most importantly, cigars. We take a look at these three loves in this iconic man’s life.

Windsor Cigar Cruise 2018

The Windsor Cigar Cruise 2018

One of the biggest cigar events on the UK calendar is coming up; The Windsor Cigar Cruise! Over a hundred people attend each year and have done for the past eleven years, making this a truly unmissable event for cigar aficionados around the country.

Tobacconists’ Association of America Celebrates 50th Anniversary

TAA Golden Anniversary: A Davidoff cigar in a golden tray and bottle

If you’re a cigar connoisseur, you’ll undoubtedly be familiar with the Tobacconists’ Association of America, who earlier this month, celebrated their golden anniversary with an exclusive event that you’ll want to hear about…

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