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A Gentleman’s Guide to Summer Activities

From an afternoon of barbecuing to a competitive game of tennis, the summer season presents the opportunity to enjoy a range of gentlemanly pursuits. If you’re searching for some great activities to get you outdoors during the warm summer months, check out our gentleman’s guide to summer activities below to ensure you make the most […]

Why Does Wolverine Smoke Cigars?

Wolverine and the X Men

When you think of badass cigar-smoking characters, one of the first that should spring to your mind is Wolverine. The main man previously topped our list of Iconic Cigar-Smoking Comic Book Heroes, and rightly so! But why is he spotted so often chewing on Cuban cigars? Is it for enjoyment or is there a deeper […]

Cigar Questions Answered: How are Cigars Made?

Hand rolling a cigar

While cigars may seem like magical items, they certainly don’t appear out of thin air! A lot of hard work and skill goes into making the high-quality cigars we enjoy. It isn’t a quick process to make a cigar either, with the journey from field to finish often lasting several years. We take a look […]

The Essential Cigar Etiquette Guide for Connoisseurs

A collection of cigars in a leather pouch

If you are going to become an aficionado, then it’s essential that you know the basics as far as cigar etiquette is concerned. It’s the norm, and certainly expected in most lounges around the world, that these timeless sets of unwritten rules should be adhered to if you are to become a fine stogie representative. […]

Men’s 2018 Summer Style Guide

A man wearing a check shirt and jeans in a wooded area outdoors

When it comes to fashion, men tend to be more inclined to stick with what they know rather than jump on the latest trend. However, though many of us claim to be indifferent to fashion, our wardrobes often tell a different story; there’s no doubt that you’ll have a casual check shirt, a pair of […]

Cigar and Beer Pairing Guide

Smoking a cigar with a pint of beer

Although you may think that whisky is the only alcohol with which you can nicely pair a cigar, the growing popularity of craft beer has led to an increase in viable beer pairings. With more varieties of beer in a wide range of flavours and styles, it is now easier than ever to pair up […]

Gentlemen’s Guide to Summer Holiday Packing

Most of us book holidays so that we can get away for a relaxing break. Yet packing for that relaxing time can often prove quite stressful. Whether you’ve got 12 t-shirts set out for a 3-day getaway or only one pair of pants for a two-week trip in your case, we’ve got the perfect packing […]

Who Will You Pick in the 2018 Cigar World Cup?

Germany lifting the trophy after winning FIFA World Cup 2014

Unless you have been living under a rock for the past few months, you will know that the 2018 World Cup kicks off in Russia today (14th June). The biggest competition in world football brings together 32 nations who have battled their way through qualifications for the chance to lift the illustrious FIFA World Cup […]

Top 7 Travel Destinations for Cigar Lovers

Travel Destinations for Cigar Lovers: A green car driving on a street in Havana

1 Whether you want to enjoy a cigar under the summer sun, head somewhere that you can smoke in peace in public, without fear of smoking bans, or find yourself some bargain stogies, there are plenty of holiday destinations for the cigar fanatic to visit! Cuba Something of a given when it comes to countries […]

Drinks Fit For Royalty: The Royal Family and Scotch

Scotch whisky has been in the lives of the British Royal Family for almost 200 years. Over the long whisky history, bottles have been made especially for the Royals, and some bottles around the world have been awarded a Royal Warrant! With the birth of a new prince and a Royal wedding, we’re sure that […]

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