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7 Weirdest Whiskies in the World

Whisky is now one of the most lucrative businesses in the world, with sought-after bottles fetching thousands at auction. So, it is no surprise that many distilleries are attempting to produce whiskies with gimmicks, hoping to make their own fortunes from the whisky industry. While some have been great successes, others have proved a little […]

8 Fascinating Facts about Whisky

8 Fascinating Facts about Whisky

Whisky is the tipple of choice for many, but while you might know your malt from your grain or your rye from your corn, how much do you actually know about your usual down at the local? It’s been around for centuries and has been there for generation after generation when they need it most; […]

Glossary of Cigar Terminology

Whether you’re a beginner or have been smoking for years, when talking about cigars, sometimes the fun of the smoke can be lost in the confusion of new terminology. Looking for a new cigar to try can prove a real challenge if you’re unsure about what some of the descriptors mean, so we’ve put together […]

A Guide to Flavoured Cigars

Neon signage on the side of a shop that reads cigars

The introduction of flavoured products into the premium cigar market was something that was extremely unexpected; however, flavoured cigars have now become the fastest growing segment in the stogie industry. Many popular publications suggest that growth in cigar consumption is primarily due to the increase in sales of flavoured cigars, which has risen astonishingly by […]

What’s the Difference Between Types of Whisky?

Whether you spell it whisky or whiskey, the dark-golden drink comes in many different forms. With signature sips created in different regions around the world, we take a look at some of the main whisky types and how they are made.

CIA Attempted to Assassinate Fidel Castro with an Exploding Cigar

Fidel Castro during a visit to Washington, DC in April 1959

Former Cuban leader Fidel Castro was a man who was known to enjoy his Cuban cigars – so much so, there was a period where he was hardly ever spotted without one. Of course, this is hardly surprising when you are the leader of the country which produces some of the finest cigars in the […]

Is It Still Traditional for New Fathers to Hand Out Cigars?

Cigars in a box ready to be gifted

The tradition of a new father handing out cigars to close friends and relatives is one that has been around for decades, and we even touched upon it in our five fitting occasions for smoking cigars piece. The gifting of cigars to celebrate the birth of their newborn seems to be a tradition that has […]

6 Tricks to Enhance Your Smoking Experience

A man with a large beard blowing smoke out through his mouth

While smoking a cigar offers the height of pleasure for many aficionados, there are several ways to enhance this experience even further. From taking a cold draw to finding the perfect pairing, we’ve listed just six tricks to try during your next smoke:

Cigar Bunching Methods: Entubado, Accordion, Book & Lieberman

Three cigars in a case with another placed on top

For many, the ability to roll a cigar by hand is not only impressive but is considered a delicate art in the stogie world. However, not just anyone can whip up a premium cigar by hand, and it takes years of experience for a cigar roller to become truly skilful in his work. An integral […]

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