Monthly Archives: April 2020

New Cigar for the Cigar Smoking World Championship

rocky patel cigar smoking world championship

A new cigar for a new decade of champions, Rocky Patel is now officially the new supplier for the Cigar Smoking World Championships, with their Mareva cigar now available to buy online. What is the Cigar Smoking World Championship? As the name suggests, the Cigar Smoking World Championship seeks to find the world’s best at […]

How to Try Old and Rare Whisky

While you can find a quality sip in whisky of any age, there is certainly something appealing about the thought of being able to sample an old or rare whisky. Why Try Old Whisky? Aside from the novelty and excitement of trying something rare, there are valid taste reasons for wanting to try an older […]

Top Tips for Making Cocktails at Home

cocktail strained into a glass

Whether you’re a fan of the fruity or prefer your drink to have a stronger sip, there’s a cocktail for everyone. It’s always enjoyable to drink a professionally mixed cocktail, but it can be a bit tricky to replicate the same experience at home. To help you shake or stir together some delicious cocktails at […]

Cigar Smoking Icons: Orson Welles

A legend of film and radio, Orson Welles is widely regarded as being one of the greatest filmmakers of all time. As well as directing, Orson Welles starred in over 60 movies, as well as acting on stage and in television productions. Early Life Born in 1915, Welles spent much of his childhood living in […]

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