Monthly Archives: September 2020

World Whiskies: Indian Whisky

Scotland has long dominated the world’s whisky production, being renowned for producing some of the best malted beverages in the world. But with strong competitors growing from elsewhere in the world, such as Japan, incredible whiskies are continually emerging from global markets. To celebrate the diverse selections of whisky created globally, we are taking a […]

4 Cuban Regional Edition Cigars to Try

cigars on a cigar box

Seeking something rare to smoke? Many aficionados are on the hunt for a rare or unusual cigar to try, and that’s where Regional Edition cigars can offer an exciting opportunity. If you’re interested in enjoying a limited edition smoke, then take a look at our recommended regional editions below! What Are Regional Edition Cigars? A […]

How Should You Put Out a Cigar?

A cigar resting on an ashtray

1 You’ve just enjoyed an hour of relaxing with an incredible smoke, but now it’s time to stop and return to your daily tasks. But how should you extinguish your cigar? Don’t Stub It Out When you get to the end of your cigar or want to stop smoking, the biggest temptation is probably going […]

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