Monthly Archives: November 2020

4 Hot Cocktails for Winter

When winter evenings start to crawl in early, there’s nothing more tempting than a cigar in one hand, and a whisky in the other. Take comfort in knowing, the frosty bite of the air is locked away as you take a smokey sip of indulgence.  With a chill in the air, we’ve been compiling an […]

Cigar Tasting Notes and Flavour Wheel

men smoking cigars

When we smoke a cigar, we expect a flavourful experience. A premium cigar is expected to be packed full of a variety of flavours that develop and come together throughout the experience of smoking to create a complex aroma and incredible taste. Cigars can contain a whole host of different flavours at once. This can […]

Cigar History : Davidoff Cigars

Whilst selecting from the endless options available when it comes to being able to buy cigars online, it can be difficult to settle for one particular choice. Each offers an array of inherent intensity and character, due to the artisanal beauty of the individually bound cigars.  Being the hallmark for tobacconists to this day, the […]

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