Monthly Archives: December 2020

How to Infuse Cigars with Alcohol

Although some purists may beg to differ, you can improve your smoking experience by infusing your cigars with your favourite liquors. What better way to enjoy a cognac and cigar than combining the two for a more fruitful evening? If it’s your first time infusing your cigars, why not splash out on your favourite liquor? […]

5 Whisky Cocktail Recipes for Christmas

A well-balanced dram of whisky is the perfect companion in the evening. Why not experiment with this age-old friend and try something new? We’re not suggesting that anything can quite beat a neat whisky, but after all, it is Christmas. It doesn’t matter if you’re more inclined to a smoky blend or find yourself to […]

How to Pick the Right Cigar Lighter for You

Man holding a flame up to his cigar

A cigar lighter is one of the most important bits of kit you need as a cigar smoker. It can literally make or break your cigar. Choosing a quality lighter is essential for a number of reasons. Firstly, being able to light your cigar properly ensures that it burns evenly, without developing burn issues. By […]

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