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Guide to Barber Pole Cigars

A cigar held outdoors

Cigars are an artisan’s craft, there’s no doubt about that. Some torcedors push their artistic abilities to new heights as they roll cigars such as the Opus X BBMF or into braided culebras. Here we will explore the curious but aesthetically appealing barber pole cigar. If you find yourself intrigued by barber pole cigars, then […]

3 Cocktails to Make With Only 3 Ingredients

Two cocktails on a bar

Cocktails don’t need to be complicated, the simplest are more often than not the most sophisticated, they stay true to the authentic flavours of the liquor. Mixing in numerous ingredients over complicates the palate rather than doing the drink any justice. Take the French Connection for an example, equal parts Cognac and Amaretto over ice […]

Cigars and the Military

Cigars have long had connections to the military, with generals, troops and government leaders known to enjoy a stogie or two.  Naturally, working in a military-environment is going to be a high-stress job, so smoking a cigar offers the perfect way to relax and unwind for some.  We take a look at some military legends […]

4 Best Quotes About Pipe Smoking

A man lighting a pipe

Similar to cigars, smoking a pipe is a blend of experiences that unfold to create what some would describe, as a ritual. The combination of flavours in the tobacco, the beauty of the pipe itself, and the relaxation that it exudes are only a few of the many factors as to why it is such […]

What is the Difference Between Pipe Tobacco and Cigar Tobacco?

A smoking pipe resting on a cigar

When smoking as a pastime, many will choose to use either cigars or pipe tobacco. Here at Havana House, we sell both cigars and pipes, allowing our customers to choose between two different forms of tobacco smoking. Many cigar or pipe smokers will also indulge in the other from time to time, allowing themselves to […]

6 Best Mixers for Whisky

A selection of alcoholic drinks at the back of a bar

Although whisky can be enjoyed neat due to its complex flavours, it can also be mixed into exquisite cocktails or sipped and savoured with a mixer. Because of the abundance of flavours that range from smoky to floral, we’re sure you will find a whisky that is tailored to your palate. No matter your preference, […]

20 Cigar Slang Terms to Learn

A cigar being clipped

As we know, the community of aficionados entails dedicated individuals who commit to gaining as much knowledge about the process and products related to cigars. Because of this, we here at Havana House have decided to write an article about cigar slang terms. Smoking cigars is more than a habit, the niche hobby and lifestyle […]

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