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Cigar Wrapper Guide: Corojo Wrappers

A pile of plastic wrapped cigars with an unwrapped cigar lying on top

Cigars are crafted to be enjoyed, the craftsmanship qualities of a cigar are impressive, every fine detail serves a delicious purpose- including the wrapper. If you are intending on purchasing a cigar that has been entwined in a Corojo wrapper, then look no further. Here at Havana House, we not only pride ourselves on our […]

How Does Your Lighting Method Impact Your Cigar?

1 When it comes to lighting a cigar, a little bit of tact is required. While you could light a cigarette by holding any kind of flame to it, with a cigar, you need a more refined approach. A top-quality lighter and a steady hand are required to keep the jet at just the right […]

Guide to Box Pressed Cigars

A box full of box-pressed cigars

There are several different techniques used for creating cigars. Some are hand-rolled by expertly trained torcedors, while others are made by machines. One type of cigar that finds itself in the middle ground of hand-rolled and machine-made is the box-pressed cigar. Here we take a closer look at what box-pressed cigars are, their history and […]

4 Reasons Not to Chew on Cigars

A cigar and whiskey shop

Cigars are designed to be enjoyed, there is no doubt about that. A cigar’s primary use is to be smoked, although some smokers choose to gnaw on them between drags. We’re not here to tell you how to savour your cigar. We understand that some choose to do this within non-smoking spaces or to simply […]

Cigar Smoking Icons: Sigmund Freud

Sigmund Freud wearing glasses and smoking a cigar

Cigars can be enjoyed in solitary, but there is no denying the rich and passionate community of aficionados that has existed for over 500 years. As we explore the community of cigar lovers, we will be delving into the past to explore the life of Sigmund Freud, a fellow cigar smoker. For those who need […]

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