Monthly Archives: July 2021

A Guide to Cellaring Pipe Tobacco

a man in a flat cap smoking a pipe

While we recommend trying various blends of pipe tobacco until you find a match, it does lead to one inevitable outcome; you’re going to end up with more tobacco than you can smoke. Be it cigars, chewing or pipe, it’s essential to know how to store your collection properly. Otherwise, you could find yourself with […]

Cigar Smoking Icon: Whoopi Goldberg

Whoopi Goldberg smiling on stage

For decades, Whoopi Goldberg has been a household name. If you don’t know her from her iconic appearances in Oscar-winning films, then you may know her from her hilarious comedy shows – or maybe from her run on Star Trek? But there’s one thing you may not have known about Whoopi, and that’s her affinity […]

6 Facts About Laphroaig

A cocktail of Laphroaig with a bottle in the background

Anyone who knows anything about a good Scotch whisky knows the name Laphroaig. In 1815, brothers Donald and Alexander Johnston realised that it was far more profitable to distil whiskey than raising cattle, so the Laphroaig distillery was born. From then on, it’s been years of refining and perfecting to bring the iconic whisky that […]

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