Monthly Archives: February 2022

Cigar Smoking Icons: Sylvester Stallone

Sylvester Stallone

Smoking cigars on screen is nothing new, but it’s always a joy to know that those who enjoy a smoke on screen also enjoy one when the cameras aren’t rolling. That’s why in this edition of our Cigar Smoking Icon series, we’ll be looking at one of the biggest names of 1980s action films, Sylvester […]

Top 6 Best Wedding Cigars

wedding cigars smoked by groomsmes

It’s been a long-held tradition for cigars to be used as a method of celebration. Christenings, birthdays, and—of course—weddings. With so much history and culture wrapped around cigars, they too deserve to mean something special. So, no matter what you’ve got planned for your big day, make sure you set aside the time to enjoy […]

Cigar Review: Zino Robusto Cigar

Cigar Review Zino Nicaraguan

The Zino Nicarguan Robusto Cigar was awarded number 15 in Cigar Journal’s top 25 cigars of 2021. This special smoke is a Havana House Exclusive in the UK, so if you fancy sampling one of the best, you’ll only be able to find it here! Each month we smoke a cigar from our humidor at […]

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