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Cigar Wrapper Guide: Oscuro

Oscuro Cigar

Oscuro, meaning ‘dark’ in Spanish, is the darkest shade of wrapper you can get on a cigar. Even darker than the Maduro cigar wrapper, the Oscuro wrapper is almost black in colour. Here we take a closer look at the Oscuro cigar wrapper and how it impacts the flavour and smoke experience of cigars. What […]

5 Best Cigars for Occasional Smokers

When you only smoke every now and then, you probably don’t want an overpoweringly strong cigar that lasts for hours. You want something that is easy to pick up, perfectly pleasant to smoke, with a balanced flavour and doesn’t take you all afternoon to finish. Here we share some of our top cigar picks for […]

Cigar Review: Rocky Patel Number 6 Robusto

Cigar Review Rocky Patel Number 6

When smoking prototype blends during development, brand owner Rocky Patel liked this one the best. It was one of a few prospects simply referred to as “blend no. 6.” For Patel, this was the winner, and rather than overthink the brand name or develop a lofty concept, he simply stuck with its working title. The […]

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