6 Tips to be Unforgettable at the Next Gathering

Ernest Rouart painting, soiree, men and ladies talk at a party

At some point during your life, you will host or be invited to take part in a social gathering, a soiree, box social or party. This fantastic opportunity to meet another tribe, or celebrate with your own, should never be turned down without good reason; we understand it’s not always easy to navigate the intricacies of the party, so below are our six top tips for conquering that next engagement.



Bring a Date

Unless you are heading to an all mans affair such as a stag-do, gentleman’s club or even a fishing trip, nearly every engagement you will ever have the pleasure of attending will encourage you to bring a plus one. Please do not get this confused with your plus fours (unless the party is held on a golf green, in this case, we encourage you to bring both). Always bring along your other half, spouse or find yourself a worthy partner to invite along.



Bring a Bottle

No matter if you are the designated driver or have that early meeting with your employees the next morning, we can assure you that if you arrive with a good, smokey malt or a warming rum, you will be the most popular gentleman on premise! An added bonus is that if you are seated by an offensive guest or a bore, you can have a drink to get you through it!




Is any party the same without a fine cigar? We don’t think so! Take along a good selection of cigars as this may be the perfect opportunity to introduce someone into the world of a cigar aficionado.

We advise taking a range of flavours so you can really dispense your knowledge and generosity to those around you; try our cigar collection by Hierophant, it truly comes close to expressing the full collection of flavours.



Anecdotes, Stories and Party Games

Always arrive armed with an enduring story or anecdote to break the ice, we are sure you’re all seasoned gentlemen and won’t have any trouble pulling out tales of adventure. As for games, depending on the occasion, have something for everyone, so don’t just bring along the chess board; try initiating a game of spoof and don’t be afraid to place a little wager on it for fun.




Don’t shy away from romance; parties are often one of the finest institutions to become amorous. For the taken man, it is your responsibility to assist the unspoken for, embellish them with stories and keep a keen eye out for potential suitors; they will be thankful!




And lastly, what we consider the most important aspect of any gathering, the speech. Whether the host gives one or not, any eloquent gentleman worth his salt should deliver a speech, so you should stand up and praise the host, the wonderful guests and (hopefully) the ample supply of Scotch. Hear, hear!





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