6 Unusual Coffee Trends to try this Summer

Coffee Trends: An iced coffee in a glass on a wooden table

Aside from whiskey, coffee is one of the most popular beverages to be enjoyed alongside a flavoursome cigar. But during summertime, many connoisseurs are put off by the thought of knocking back a steaming hot drink when the weather is so warm. However, not only can hot drinks actually help to cool you down but according to this year’s coffee trends, having it piping hot is not the only way to enjoy this popular beverage. While filter coffee remains a firm favourite, brewed, sparkling and tonic are just a few alternatives that have risen to popularity throughout the year. Read on to discover more about six of the most unusual coffee trends to try this summer:


Bulletproof Coffee

Founded by Dave Asprey, Bulletproof Coffee is coffee combined with butter and oil to create an invigorating super drink that you need in your life this summer. According to its creator, not only do these added elements help you lose weight (always a plus) but they also serve to strengthen your IQ, meaning that both your body and mind could benefit from drinking this revitalising beverage.



While not yet legal in the UK, if you’re holidaying abroad this summer, you may be able to enjoy a cup of Cascara – a wonderfully earthy coffee made from the castoff skin of coffee beans – during your travels. Particularly popular in Bolivia, Cascara, otherwise known as Coffee-cherry tea, is actually consumed as a tea in many places due to its weaker taste and has become popular as the result of being one of the most sustainable coffees in the world to produce. However, be careful how much you drink as it can function as a laxative!


Cold Brew

Cold brew coffee derives its name from the simple fact that it is literally brewed in cold water, usually, for around 24 hours. This makes the coffee less acidic and creates a new, sweeter taste, which is then diluted further. While it’s not a great option if you’re after a quick hit of caffeine, the decadent flavour of this heavily infused beverage is perfect for those who love a strong taste.


Espresso Tonic

Many think of Espresso’s as hot little shots of energy that serve to liven us up in the mornings. However, last year saw the emergence of a contemporary spin on this traditional type of coffee; the espresso tonic, was a firm favourite for Instagrammers everywhere. This year, the hot-weather drink, made from a concoction of espresso, ice and tonic, is expected to make an even bigger comeback. So, if you love an espresso but find yourself craving a cooler beverage in the midday sun, why not try one of these bad boys?


Sparkling Coffee

Another funky alternative for coffee aficionados to their usual cup of joe is sparkling coffee, which so far, has proven particularly popular among millennials. Usually made with cold brew, soda water and lemon, this refreshing beverage is the perfect accompaniment to an afternoon of cigar smoking in the sun. As well as its citrus ingredient, the sparkling sensation of this coffee also gives it a refreshingly zesty taste, making it an ideal alternative to a regular coffee if you fancy something a little more on the cold side.


Nitro Brew

Finally, nitro brew – an ice-cold brew with added nitrogen – is also one to watch out for this summer. While the silky texture of this coffee is not dissimilar to the smooth sensation of Guinness, the flavour is widely different; decadent, creamy and sweet. Popular coffee chains such as Starbucks have already introduced this unique beverage into their stores here in the UK, so if you find yourself feeling adventurous, why not try one this summer?


Have you discovered any other coffee trends that have tantalised your taste buds this year? If so, we’d love to hear about them! Get in touch on our social media channels to make your recommendations. Alternatively, to find the perfect cigar to accompany your coffee, browse our extensive range of cigars online by heading over to our website now.

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