A Guide to Flavoured Cigars

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The introduction of flavoured products into the premium cigar market was something that was extremely unexpected; however, flavoured cigars have now become the fastest growing segment in the stogie industry. Many popular publications suggest that growth in cigar consumption is primarily due to the increase in sales of flavoured cigars, which has risen astonishingly by almost 50% since 2008 and is only set to continue. Innovative flavouring methods are being frequently introduced, whereby manufacturers soak or infuse cigars with menthol and candy-like flavours or with different syrups or liquors such as vanilla and rum.


A Brief History of Flavoured Cigars

 In the 1960’s, the tobacco industry recognised that introducing flavoured cigars was necessary as a method to increase the appeal of cigars. Not only would these exciting new flavours help mask the traditionally heavy and often bitter taste of stogies, but it was believed that the addition of flavour would make the smoke easier to inhale and that it would also reduce throat soreness and irritability, a common problem for new users. Most interestingly, in the production of flavoured cigars, manufacturers also reduced the nicotine level and the size of the cigars in comparison to traditional cigars to make them more appropriate for new users.


What is the Difference between a Traditional Cigar and a Flavoured Cigar?

 While traditional cigars exhibit earthy and creamy blends, flavoured cigars are directly infused using particular fruits and syrups. There is a wide assortment of different flavoured cigars ranging from fruit, sweet and menthol. Popular cigars amongst flavoured cigar enthusiasts include watermelon, cherry and chocolate.


The Flavouring Process

 To create high quality infused cigars, different types of essences and fruits are sprayed onto tobacco leaves, which are then hung in humid curing rooms, allowing the leaves to soak up the new scents. However, apart from knowing these details, it unfortunately remains an industry secret as to what exactly the correct balance is to ensure the taste of tobacco is not overpowered by the new flavours. Some pioneering manufacturers in the industry have developed unique ways to produce flavoured cigars and have invested in specialist machinery for this to be achieved. Backwoods, a premium cigar brand that we have come to know and love here at Havana House, are one of the many suppliers who have employed this specialist machinery to refine their manufacturing process, only using premium oils to give the product a more delicate and purer taste, whilst ensuring the new flavours do not overpower the traditional tobacco smell.


Worldwide Famous Flavoured Cigar Brands

 Many of the most prominent names in the cigar industry have begun to market a separate line of flavoured cigars. Here are just some of our favourites:

Handelsgold Flavoured Cigars

Handelsgold Flavoured Cigars originate from Germany but have now become extremely popular across the whole of Europe. These high-quality cigarillos are available in three flavours: Blue, Blond or Red, which all present unique and diverse flavours and can be used for different occasions.

Altadis USA-  Havana Sweets

Altadis is one of the largest cigar manufacturers in the world. Unlike many flavoured cigars, Havana Sweets cigars are hand rolled with high-quality Nicaraguan tobacco instead of being machine made to ensure they are perfected to an extremely high standard. These cigars are available in three different flavours: Honey, Honey Berry and Irish Cream and are strongly recommended as a splendid choice for an after-dinner stogie.

Backwood’s Flavoured Cigars

When introduced in 1981, Backwood’s 100% tobacco cigars became an overnight success. Backwood’s distinctive cigars are renowned for their unique structure and rustic appearance, making them the perfect choice for cigar lovers who are after something a bit different. These cigars are available in numerous flavours including Russian Cream, Vanilla, Sweet Aromatic and Honey Berry.


Do you have a favourite cigar flavour? Let us know in the comments below or if you want to expand your palette, head over to our website now to check out some of our premium flavoured cigars.

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