8 Things a Cigar Aficionado Will Never Be Seen Doing

A ciagr from Havana House resting on top of a whisky glass

The pastime of enjoying a cigar is firmly in the realms of a serious hobby, and as such, for the aficionado – aspiring or otherwise – it is vital to ensure they uphold standards. Furthermore, as the education of the cigar journey lengthens, it will become apparent as to why there are some things that an aficionado will never be seen doing.

Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, you can take note from this compilation of points that make up some of the most-widely recognised mistakes a cigar smoker can make.


1. Being Misinformed on Flavours

The first point relates to cigars and their flavours. Unlike wines, cigars and their flavours do not change from year to year.

To use the wine association again, they are seen as a vintage industry, which cigars are not. As such, this means cigar manufacturers are always striving to ensure their stogie provides the same precise flavour and tasting notes, regardless of the year of production. Manufacturers do go as far as to add to and tweak blends, but will constantly be mindful that the blend successfully maintains the same taste, as well as considering the natural variations that occur.

That isn’t to say that the taste of the cigar model will change over time, but this is a notably slow process.


2. Assuming Two Cigars Will Offer the Same Smoke

When it comes to premium-grade cigars, aficionados will be aware of the fact that they are an individual, handmade product created from an agricultural crop. Therefore, because this opens up the door to so much variation, with the blends used, types of tobacco, and how the cigars are made, for example, it is verging on the impossible to offer an accurate assumption of how a cigar differs from one stogie to the next.

The true cigar aficionados are informed of this and will account for, and embrace these small variants, enjoying their quirks if you like.


3. Restricting themselves to a Single Type or Brand

As with any hobby, take golf, for example, there is always going to be a preferential club maker that a player leans towards; that’s a given. However, for the habitual weekend golfer, it is not a contractual duty to play with a certain brand’s clubs in their bag, and the same should be applied to your humidor. Sampling several varieties of cigars are all part of the fun, as those in the know will confirm.


4. Alcohol Dipping

We aren’t sure where this notion came from, but we’d love to nip it in the bud. We are more than prepared to categorically state that if you select a cigar and that cigar manufacturer hasn’t already dipped their stogie in cognac, then you shouldn’t do it either.

The cross-contamination of flavours from the liquor can spoil the taste of the cigar and alter the intended smoke, differing it from what the cigar manufacturer set out for.


5. Holding the Cigar in Their Mouth

A cigar isn’t something to “clench between your teeth and cheek and suck on,” Michael Herklots says. It should be held in your hand and brought up to your mouth to puff, then brought back down to hang out between your fingers.


6. Bandwagon Smoking

A genuine aficionado would never follow the crowd, just for the sake of it. They won’t be lighting up the stogie that they heard the guy in the last conference saying was ‘the one’.

This point is particularly poignant for anyone learning the ropes, as it is always advised that advice is sought before jumping on the bandwagon. After all, one cigar does not suit all tastes.


7. Inhaling Cigar Smoke

Aficionados will never inhale the smoke produced from drawing on their stogie. It should be reminded that cigars aren’t cigarettes and that the tobacco in a cigar is far stronger than that of a cigarette, both tailor-made or hand-rolled.

For a top tip, one should simply drawback on the cigar and allow the smoke produced to merely sit in your mouth for a few seconds while you taste it, before exhaling. For best tastes and enjoyment, puff and rotate your cigar roughly every half a minute to 60 seconds.


8. Not Visiting Their Local Cigar Shop

Any aficionado worth their salt will know that their local cigar shop is a vital connection to the thing they love, and therefore, you won’t find stogie lovers buying any old cigar, willy-nilly. They are measured and informed decisions that are often established with the help of their local cigar shop.

Now you know what the expert cigar enthusiasts steer clear of, you can do the same, so why not take a look at one of our lighters for sale and complete the look?



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