4 Activities to Enjoy While Smoking a Cigar

Someone smoking a cigar

Smoking is an experience, and not a quick one at that. Depending on the size of the cigar, you could be spending anything from twenty to ninety minutes smoking one.

If you’re a true cigar aficionado, then simply basking in the aromas of your cigar might be enough for you to pass the time. But, if you’re looking for something else to help the time go by, why not try enjoying one of these activities while smoking your cigar?

1. Cigars and Drinking

Cigars and alcohol have been enjoyed alongside one another for years! And for good reasons. Not only does sipping a fine alcohol help to eliminate the dry mouth that can occur when smoking, but smoking a cigar can also help to settle your stomach after drinking.

When it comes to drinking and cigars, you need to make sure you know your pairings. Light beer isn’t going to mix well with a strong cigar and vice versa. A popular drink choice for cigar smokers tends to be a nice Scotch whisky as the two tend not to overpower the other.

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2. Cigars and Dessert

As we’ve mentioned, smoking a cigar can be good for settling your stomach. This means that they can also be best enjoyed in the wake of a fine meal.

While a cigar can be enjoyed as a dessert itself, with such a variety of tasting notes, you can also enjoy a cigar with a sweet treat.

It’s best to pair desserts with light-bodied cigars to help balance out the strength of both the cigar and the food. Cigars with a floral or citrus aroma pair wonderfully with fruity desserts while richer smokes make a wonderful companion to chocolate (specifically dark chocolate) based desserts.

3. Cigars and Poker

Scotch, cigars and poker are just a few of the key ingredients needed for a perfect gentleman’s evening.

The relaxation that comes from smoking a fine cigar is perfect for settling any jitters you may experience when starting down a hand with your closest friends. Or, perhaps you just like the layer of intimidation holding a fat Churchill in hand can add to your bluffs. Or maybe you like the camaraderie of sharing a cigar with your fellow players.

Whatever your preference, there’s no denying that cigars and poker are as essential as any alcohol or food pairing.

Whisky, poker cards and cigars on a table

4. Cigars and Golf

If you’re a lover of sports and the great outdoors then why not make the ultimate paring; cigars and golf.

Since golf isn’t an overly strenuous sport, you can easily enjoy a smoke between holes and enjoy the great outdoors at the same time. We’d recommend choosing a cigar that’s easy to light and smoke. Keep those thin or small cigars at home! They’ll burn too fast and you’ll have nothing left after the first hole.

Cigar smoking and golf

Once you’ve decided what you’re going to do while you smoke, it’s time to find the appropriate cigar for your activity. Why not browse our range of cigars available on our website now.

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  1. christopher-0305 says:

    I think there are at least five wonderful things to do. What about a cigar and game shooting? Brilliant now the grouse season has started, there is a fair amount of waiting around between drives, i love a cigar whilst admiring the scenery and a quiet chat with my neighboring gun or loader.

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