Amazing new high tech humidor unveiled

If you enjoy a high quality cigar and like to have a selection on hand at all times then this new high tech cigar case may well be something worth investing in – if you have $1m to spare.


Hailed as the world’s most advanced cigar case, the Imperiali Humidor could revolutionise the ability of cigar fans to keep a selection of their favourite high quality Cuban cigars at home, provided they are well enough off to spare the eye-watering cost of the case.


The spectacular case is made from black lacquered palladium and includes its own built in and expertly crafted cutters with motion sensors. It also contains an ashtray with motion sensors and is opened by simply swiping a finger over the touch sensitive lid of the case.


Made by Imperiali Genève, the Emperador is a chest which measures 70cm long, 45cm wide and 30cm high – which is about as much as it has in common with a typical climate-controlled humidor.


Designed for the cigar enthusiast who is likely to have a collection including vintage pre-Castro Havanas in a state of perfect preservation, the case is serious about preserving cigars.


The seriously high tech, high quality nature of the case is thanks to the work which went into it, courtesy of tradesmen from across 27 different trades, who worked together to create, organise and assemble 2,675 components.


Imperali worked on the case for more than two years to put together the design and develop the chest into a working prototype, with its three accessories (cigar cutter, table lighter and ashtray) which make it a self-contained smoking centre for the cigar aficionado.


The chest goes far beyond the typical humidor, which provides only a suitable wood exterior, thermometer and moisture provider. Not only does the Emperador regulate temperature between the outside of the cigar chest and the section housing the cigars, but it also seamlessly integrates electronics and mechanics.


Capable of holding 24 cigars held in two secure, climate-controlled compartments the case can provide storage for more than enough cigars to impress a gathering of friends after dinner.


Cigars kept in the case are each wrapped in four fine gold leaves, slipped inside glass tubes and placed in a radial arrangement. With vastly differing climates in Los Angeles, London and Dubai insulation was important to the makers and was addressed by an insulating layer of solid aluminium, a condenser and thermoelectric cell, with the temperature and humidity of each cigar compartment monitored every sixty seconds.


The number of luxurious features contained within the Emperador seem to be infinite, with even the time keeping functions managed by a manually-wound flying tourbillon, 100 per cent Swiss-made. Testament to the high quality finish is the fact all the metallic elements have been treated by anodising, gold-plating, nickel-palladium and rhodium, polishing and engraving with black lacquer.


The case is also extremely secure, with a special locking system which requires the owner to use a key and special code entered via the touch sensitive top to open the Emperador.


The list of functions goes on, but if you’re in a position to buy an Emperador you may be best left discovering them for yourself. If not then console yourself with the fact our range of affordable luxurious cigars are available all year round, meaning you don’t need an elaborate storage device.

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