What is the Appeal of Smoking a Cuban Cigar?

Cuban cigars in a box

Cuban cigars are widely renowned for being amongst the best cigars available in the world. Even if Cuban cigars aren’t quite to your taste, you’ve got to admit that there is a sense of romanticism towards these smokes that has been enhanced by the extensive history and high-quality associated with them. So what else contributes to this appeal for Cuban cigars? We take a look at why and how Cuban smokes are so alluring!


Cigars have been commercially produced in Cuba since the 1700s. With a long history of making cigars, the traditions and expertise passed down through generations have led to the cultivation of high-quality cigars. With this knowledge, tobacco farmers and brands will be able to grow tobacco in the best conditions, knowing exactly when to pick the leaves, and how long the leaves will need to dry for. Cigar manufacturers will be able to create incredible blends, knowing which types of tobacco pair excellently together. Top brands will employ Torcedor’s, who are specially trained and extremely skilled cigar rollers. The skill and knowledge held by these Torcedor’s allow for Cuban cigars to be hand-rolled perfectly.


With Torcedor’s producing exquisite hand-rolled cigars, you can be sure that a Cuban cigar will be extremely aesthetically pleasing. Top Cuban cigar brands will ensure that a cigar looks perfect. The outer wrapper will be smooth and a little glossy, with no cracks, bumps or uneven colour. The cigar will be even throughout; being well-packed with filler tobacco, ensuring the cigar offers a steady burn. A Cuban cigar’s perfect appearance certainly contributes to its appeal.


Combining the high-level knowledge and appearance of Cuban cigar brands contributes to an excellent smoking experience. Quality Cuban cigars should be free from burn issues, making for a nice and easy smoke. The smoke will be smooth, flavourful and perfectly balanced. Top brand Cuban cigars are often (although definitely not always), medium to full-bodied and on the larger side in terms of length and ring gauge, offering an extended smoking experience. The better quality of smoking experience offered by a Cuban cigar is clearly another factor in what makes these cigars so appealing.


Cuba’s Carribean location and tropical climate add a hint of exoticism to the smoke. Cigars are a big aspect of Cuban culture and heritage, and this is reflected in the cigars produced here. The deep, complex aromas present in Cuban cigars are shaped by the environment in Cuba – both geographically and culturally. A great deal of passion has gone into the production of these cigars, and it certainly shows. The US trade embargo on Cuba has also helped to add a feeling of exoticism to Cuban cigars. Unable to be accessed easily, or bought into the country legally, the forbidden nature of Cuban cigars in America has contributed to romanticism, making the smokes more alluring!

Power and Sophistication

Cigars have become almost synonymous with power. Whether smoked in films or in real life, there is a sense of power, sophistication and class that comes alongside cigar smoking. Just think of some cigar-smoking icons: Winston Churchill, John F. Kennedy, Arnold Schwarzenegger – all of which having a preference for Cuban smokes. Cuban cigars seem to offer an extra level of sophistication, allowing the smoker to exude power and class.

The best way to understand the appeal of a Cuban cigar is to smoke one yourself. Here at Havana House, we have an extensive range of Cuban cigars to choose from, so there will definitely be something to suit your palette. Leave a comment below to let us know why you love Cuban cigars, or, if you’re not a fan, tell us why not!

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