Beautiful Cigars That Won’t Break The Bank

The smoking of cigars is often associated with extravagance and wealth, and when one pictures a cigar smoker you’ll often think of an overweight man, lighting his impossibly large stogie with a bank note… this couldn’t be further from the truth!

Cigars are being enjoyed by a wide and diverse range of people, and yes, whilst there are cigars that sell for upwards of £30 – £40 per stick, there are many wonderful stogies that don’t put a rather large dent in your wallet.

We have taken a look at our stock and picked out five incredible smokes that are budget friendly which you can purchase from our cigar shop online or in store today.


Rocky Patel Vintage 1990 Petit Corona Cigar












Rocky Patel cigars are not known for making great petit coronas, but Rocky himself is known for his master blending of the famed Vintage 1990 series.

This cigar is full bodied and complex, with nutty and caramel tasting notes that go together wonderfully. The highlight of the series is the 12 year matured Honduran Broadleaf wrapper that has weakened in strength over the years but enhanced the complexity of its flavours.

This is a cigar that would smoke fantastically well at your next herf, so why not give one a go?



Juliany Maduro Robusto













Made using the finest tobaccos, the Juliany Maduro Robusto offers a medium weight smoke that has a touch of earthiness on the palate and a slightly sweet, soft spicy note on the finish.

They also have a Juliany Maduro Petit Corona which is slightly smaller, yet still offers the finest value for money and a terrific smoke.



Quorum Short Robusto Cigar













Quorum is a smooth and flavourful cigar in medium strength. The Nicaraguan fillers and binders signal dependable quality all the way, and the Ecuador-Sumatra wrapper even adds a hint of exotic elegance.



Vegueros Mananitas Cigar















The Vegueros Mananitas cigar is a beautifully creamy smoke with a distinctive tasting profile that boasts flavours of earth and grass. As you get through the cigar, you will be met with hints of pepper that get heavier throughout which make for a really unique smoke.

Whilst Vegueros style cigars have been crafted since before the Cuban revolution, the brand only became commercialised in 1996 which makes the farm style cigar one of the youngest Cuban brands out there.

They are innovative, unique and a great addition to your humidor.



Swag Puro Dominicana Quickie Corona Cigar















The Swag Puro Dominicana Quickie Corona prides itself for being new, young and bold, giving smokers a cigar with unbridled flavour in a limited production.

This is a full strength cigar and is as authentic Dominican as it gets, with the filler, binder and wrapper all coming from the same plantation, using the famed 100% Dominican Ligero Habano.

A true treasure for the experienced cigar aficionado who can savour the fullness of strength and earthy flavour with notes of coffee that ends with a sweet, spicy finish.




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