Beautiful shaving equipment at Havana House

Beards have never been more popular, from the bearded hipster picking up his flat white to the distinguished gentleman puffing on his stogie at his favourite cigar lounge, they seem to be everywhere and on everyone!

Having the perfect beard comes down to how you look after it, sure you could just grow it out like ZZ Top, but the manicuring of a beard has become almost like an art form.  At Havana House cigar shop online and in-store we have the finest range of cigars, cigar accessories, rare and vintage whiskies and also a beautiful range of shaving equipment and accessories.

Below you will find some of our favourite products that you can lavish on your bearded loved one this festive period:


Taylor Avocado Shaving Cream Bowl


Avocado is known for its high level of antioxidants which are great for your skin and complexions, this shaving cream is light and fresh in fragrance and is full of moisturising avocado oil. This avocado shaving cream promises a smooth and comfortable shave due to its easy to lather formula, a little goes a long way with this buttery-soft blend and results in the smoothest of shaves.



Edwin Jagger Porcelain Shaving Bowl


Established in 1988, Edwin Jagger designs are classic and contemporary  and are of the highest quality wet shaving accessories on the market. Expert design, carefully selected materials and state of the art manufacturing processes result in the greatest of shaving products and this traditional porcelain shaving soap bowl is no exception.



Dovo Mother of Pearl Cut Throat Razor


Founded in 1906 the Dovo Mother of Pearl Cut Throat Razor is a result of the highest standard of engineering. The process starts with steel melted down and poured into moulds before being hammered flat by their expert blacksmith. The blades are then placed into a mechanical compressor to make them stronger before being covered in fine graphite, then are plunged into molten lead. It then undergoes a series of processes from baking, strengthening and sharpening before being engraved by a state-of-the-art laser. This razor will last you a lifetime, no matter the thickness of your beard!



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