What is the Best Cigar in the World?

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If you’re like us here at Havana House, then you love a good premium cigar. And while there’s plenty of big name brands out there, it still begs the question: what is the best cigar in the world?

In this article, we’re going to look at what we at Havana House believe to be the best cigar in the world along with some honourable mentions.

Montecristo No.4

Anyone who has dipped their toe into the cigar world has heard of the iconic Montecristo No.4 cigar. Not only is the No.4 the perfect cigar for newbie smokers, but this petit corona is also the number one best selling cigar in the whole world!

The No.4 encompasses everything it means to be a Montecristo. With the classic tang that the brand has become famous for as well as offering a medium yet intense smoking experience, it’s no wonder that we’ve picked the Montecristo No.4 as our best cigar in the world.

Honourable Mentions

While we’ve thrown ourselves into Montecristo’s corner, that doesn’t mean it was an easy decision for us to make! Here are some of the runner-ups that we also considered for the title of best cigar in the world.

Davidoff Signature No. 2 Cigar

Davidoff have consistently been one of the best premium cigar brands in the business, so it’s no wonder that one of their cigars was considered for best cigar in the world.

The Davidoff Signature No.2 cigar offers a fantastically balanced taste that is much milder than some of their other lines. With an even-toned Connecticut wrapper and a marvellous blend of Dominican tobacco, this cigar will go down in history as one of the best.

Bolivar Belicosos Finos Cigar

Named one of Cigar Aficionado’s Top Cigars of 2020, the Bolivar Belicosos Finos cigar was definitely in the running for our pick of best cigar in the world! This cigar offers a brilliantly complex smoke with flavours of wood, fruit and spices that are almost reminiscent of Middle Eastern cooking.

Cohiba Robusto Cigar

The Cohiba Robusto Cigar was also given the title of one of the top cigars in the world by Cigar Aficionado in 2019. This cigar has since become one of the most demanded cigars on the market today! So, it shouldn’t be a shock that we considered it to be one of the best cigars in the world.

There’s no shortage of fine cigars on the market today, but we hope we have given you a hand when it comes to finding the very best.

If you’re looking to buy cigars online, then why not check out our store where we stock some of the best brands in the world, including Montecristo and Davidoff.

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