The Best Postal Subscription Services For Men

In the days of email and instant messaging, it is rare for us to receive anything through our letterboxes other than bills and fliers these days. Why not make your mornings more exciting with one of these postal subscription services to brighten up your day! These are some of our favourites:

cure and simple

Cure and Simple

A punny brand name is a strong sign of good things to come, and Cure and Simple certainly don’t disappoint. This pork postal service sends cured bacon to your door either, weekly, fortnightly, or monthly, depending on how much you love a fry-up. There are nine different flavour options to choose between, ranging from your standard streaky bacon to the intriguing Thai infused back bacon. Their most popular box is titled ‘Bacon Lover No 2’, and sees 200g of mouth-wateringly good meat popped through your door every two weeks! The people at Cure and Simple have thought the packaging through too, with a dog-repellent spray added to the boxes to ensure your puppy pals haven’t gnawed their way through your beloved bacon!


me my suit and tie

Me My Suit & Tie

Smartly dressed for work, a regular formal event attendee, or just a fan of looking dapper, Me My Suit & Tie is the best bet for you. The likelihood is that, regardless of how often you wear a suit, your tie collection probably hasn’t been updated since that friend’s wedding you don’t even remember how many years ago, or that one flashing Christmas novelty tie you got from ‘Secret Santa’. It’s not all about the ties though, as each box comes with a tie, socks, pocket square and a minimum of three accessories, which have ranged from suspenders and bowties to cufflinks and aftershave. Each set is themed or colour-coordinated, so you will be stylish whatever the occasion. There are a range of postal plans on offer, ranging from monthly to paying for a year upfront.




Calling all fanboys! Will you ever have enough merch from your favourite show, film or game? If the answer is no, then LootCrate is certainly the one for you. Each month you will receive around five licensed items ranging from t-shirts to comic book reprints and from mugs to collectables. There are many crates to choose from, with the standard ‘LootCrate’ serving up all your pop culture needs, with over £50 worth of surprise merchandise sent each month from popular film, television and games franchises for £24. If you want a little more control over the types of things sent to you, then there are more specific boxes on offer, with ones for all fan types, from Marvel and Harry Potter boxes to WWE and Call of Duty!


whisky me

Whisky Me

A dram delivery service for fans of whisky sees single serve pouches of rare and exclusive single malts posted through your letterbox each month, for £7. Accompanying each whisky is information about it, and access to a minute-long video all about the distillery and the history of the whisky. Previous whisky offerings have included The Macallan ‘Fine Oak’ 12-Year-Old and the Caol Ila Moscatel Cask Finish 2003.


carnivore club

Carnivore Club

If you hadn’t already guessed from the name, Carnivore Club is exclusively for lovers of meat. Whether you choose to receive a box monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly, a selection of different cured meats from around the world will be arriving at your door for you to enjoy. Each box you receive will contain produce from a different producer, giving you the chance to savour some of the best charcuterie meats out there that won’t be available in the supermarket. Their most recent box contains five different types of salami, while previous offerings have contained various flavours of jerky and prosciutto.


sock club

London Sock Co

Whether they’re all odd, have been lost to the washing machine, or have simply seen better days, socks are something we always need yet can never really be bothered to go out and replace. That’s where London Sock Co step in (in their socks, of course), offering between one and three pairs of top quality socks to be conveniently posted to you on a monthly basis. When becoming a ‘sock club’ member, these stylish socks will take your taste into account, meaning that you can choose between plain and classy or bright and bold designs.




Toppbox is a monthly discovery box for men who love to look their best. They’ll send you new products perfect for your daily grooming routine, from beard oil to pore cleanser! The majority of items received will be travel-sized, giving you the chance to find the perfect products for you without cluttering up your entire bathroom with bottles, tubs and sprays. This is also a bonus if you are a frequent traveller, as these handy sizes can accompany you wherever you go! You won’t just be assigned random items though, as a starter survey takes into account your age, skin type, hair types and any preferences or needs you may have.


We hope you’ve found something to suit your interests here, and if you use any good postal subscriptions such as these, then let us know your favourite! If you want quality cigars arriving at your door, such as the incredible smokes provided by Romeo y Julieta Cigars, then look to the wide range of Cubans available at Havana House.

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