The Best Whiskey Bars in Dublin

Irish Whiskey in barrels

The ebb and flow in popularity of Irish Whiskey is a story in of itself. Once the producers of the most popular spirit in the world, Irish distilleries saw a sharp and dramatic decline throughout the 19th-century which coincided with Scotland opening new whiskey producers and expanding their industry. From 1890 to 1990, 27 of the 30 distilleries in Ireland closed their doors due to the damaged industry that Irish whiskey had become, however, the past 30 years have seen a great increase once again in Irish Whiskey, with current distilleries in Ireland being expanded and new ones being opened.

This recent rise in popularity has also created a demand for new places to consume this golden liquid, prompting the opening of many new whiskey bars and the renovation of many less frequented establishments. In this article, we look at some of the best places in the beautiful city of Dublin that you can drink both Irish Whiskey, and spirits from across the world.

Jameson whiskey bottles

57 The Headline

If the fantastic food and monstrous range of craft beers weren’t enough to get you through the door of 57 The Headline, then surely the extensive range of whiskeys will do the trick! The bar stocks a fantastic range of predominantly Irish whiskeys, with some beautifully aged bottles of Jameson, Red Breast, Bushmills and more!

In addition to this already fantastic offering, they serve a range of tasting trays for those looking to explore new flavours. Each tray comes with three different whiskeys so you’ll have the chance to try something new alongside one of your old favourites.

The Dingle Whiskey Bar

Owned and run by The Porterhouse Group, The Dingle Whiskey Bar is located at the heart of the city in an ideal location. The bar takes its name from the Porterhouse Group-owned distillery of the same name in Co. Kerry and is run with the sole intention of providing great tasting whiskeys to the people of Dublin.

They stock a range of both Irish and Scottish spirits for you to try and are also working on their own distillery which will be stocked on the shelves of the bar when ready. The Dingle also offer a whiskey tasting package which offers you the chance of tasting some fine whiskeys, either from around the world or from a little closer to home in Ireland. These are accompanied by a host that will guide you through the tastes and the histories of the whiskeys.

Bowes Lounge

Stepping into Bowes Lounge is like stepping back in time in the best possible way. It’ll transport you to a by-gone era and treat you with a brilliantly extensive collection of whiskey. They also offer a good range of other beverages and serve food throughout the day. The establishment was opened in 1880 making it one of the city’s oldest bars. Great atmosphere, great whiskey selection, what more is needed?

Whiskey being poured into glasses

Against the Grain

Against the Grain is a nicely decked out classic pub with great beers and a top-notch range of whiskey. The walls are covered in brilliant framed artworks and have been painted with some real pub style. They serve food from lunch until the late evening which can be washed down with one of their brilliant craft beers. Their whiskey range is vast and covers spirits from across the world so you’ll never run out of drinks to try!


The fact that they have a page dedicated to whiskey on their website, along with numerous shelves dedicated to the golden beverage at their bar suggests that they take whiskey pretty seriously! They have 150 drinks to choose from, of these, 90 are Irish, so there’s certainly no shortage of choice! They have a small seating section called ‘the snug’ which seats a small group and can be hired out for private whiskey tasting sessions.

If you’ve got the taste for some of the good stuff after reading this, why not check out our fine collection of whiskey? We have a range of drinks from around the world, including some fine Irish whiskey!

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