Better Late than Never: The Mombacho Cosecha 2013 is Here

The much-anticipated Mombacho Cosecha 2013

Cigar aficionados from around the world will be pleased to hear that, after a lengthy delay, the much-anticipated Mombacho Cosecha 2013 has finally been released and will soon be available in cigar shops across the globe.

Crafted by renowned cigar brand Mombacho Cigars S.A, the original release date for this limited-edition cigar was just over two months ago but was unfortunately delayed as a result of the political unrest currently taking place in Nicaragua.

Last month, cigar production was halted as factory workers embarked on a 24-hour labour strike, causing significant setbacks for cigar operations across the country. However, the situation appears to have settled, and the strike has now ended according to Claudio Sgroi, president of Mombacho Cigars S.A, who said: “The situation is Nicaragua has put many of us behind. Things are getting better and we are working hard to keep our team safe and get back to a normal schedule.”

Since 2006, Mombacho has been one of the top players in the cigar industry, creating flavoursome blends and some of the finest quality stogies available to purchase in the current market. However, many of the company’s factories are situated in Granada, a part of Nicaragua where the conflict has been widespread, with protests, strikes and even murders occurring in the wake of the turmoil. Consequently, fans of the brand have experienced a long wait for the new addition to the already-popular Cosecha line but can now rest assured that they will soon have the opportunity to sample this unique stogie.

Robert Rasmussen, brand manager at Mombacho Cigars S.A, shared his excitement about the release and said: “The Cosecha line has become our most highly anticipated and sought-after cigar.” With only 800 boxes of the Mombacho Cosecha 2013 available, it’s not difficult to see why!

If you’re a Mombacho fan, don’t wait to get your hands on this special addition stogie, which will soon be available to purchase in boxes of ten for a limited time only from cigar shops in Europe, Canada and across the United States. According to the company, the cigars within each box have been ageing since 2014 and measure six inches long as well as featuring a pigtail cap to keep that gloriously flavoursome tobacco inside safe and sound.

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