Six Pipe Community Instagrams to Follow for Inspiration

Authentic traditional tobacco pipes on a wooden stand

Pipe smoking is a timeless activity enjoyed by people all across the world. Whether you prefer sitting back for a quiet bowl of an evening or enjoying a smoke and catch-up with friends, pipes can mean different things to different people.

Thanks to social media, the pipe smoking community has not only grown but also come closer together. Nowadays, it’s easy to find inspiration for your next pipe, tobacco or smoke by discovering some of the great and authentic Instagram community pages out there. Here are some of our favourite Instagram accounts all pipe smokers should follow.

Martin Niemann (@doc.martin.42)

A smoking pipe on a stand with dry tobacco and a candle

If you are someone who enjoys tobacco like their whiskey, aged and authentic, then you’ll enjoy the content produced by Martin Niemann. This Norweigian collector has an astounding collection of vintage tobaccos and pipes, which he describes with incredible passion and detail.

Even just scrolling through Niemann’s page is a trip through some of tobacco’s lesser-remembered blends. However, it’s the expertise that he shows in discussing these unique flavours that makes this account worth following!

R. Douglas Stephenson (@selvedgeson)

People who feel most at peace in the outdoors will find a particular affinity with this Instagram account. Pipe smoking is just one part of the image painted here, following men as they live, work and relax in the forests of North-West America.

This account is more of an aspirational image than a pipe-smoking aficionado. Still, the authenticity of their outdoor, country lifestyle is bound to inspire you to take your pipe on your next adventure.

Daniel O’Neil (@dantheoutdoorman)

Daniel’s Instagram account has many similarities with R. Douglas Stephenson, as they are both primarily outdoors accounts. However, Daniel’s images have a more realistic and authentic appearance, while he is also a ‘Pipe Whittler’, which sees smoking feature much more here!

A survivalist, this Instagram account is full of travels in the Canadian wilderness with his handy survival gear and trusted pipe tobacco. Perhaps we can all learn from his relaxed approach to the world and eye for a good smoke.

Marcia (@breakfasthyme)

As the pipe smoking community continues to grow, we’re excited to see more women take a leading role! Marcia is a relatively new account on the scene, but her passion for pipe smoking is clear, and her pipe collection is as impressive as you’ll see!

Kapp & Peterson (@petersonpipes)

Two old authentic wooden smoking pipes with a tobacco case

Kapp & Peterson are a company you probably have heard of already! Based in Ireland, they are the oldest continually operating briar pipe factory in the world, dating back to the 1870s. Even today, Peterson continues to produce handcrafted pipes using traditional methods, delivering a quality and authentic smoke.

The Kapp & Peterson Instagram wonderfully showcases the company’s traditions and also its fantastic products. If you’re looking to embrace some pipe smoking heritage, then give this page a browse.

Savinelli (@savinelli1876)

Another one of pipe smoking’s most celebrated names, Savinelli is one of the leading brands when it comes to pipes. Based in Milan and dating back to 1867, Savinelli is infused with all the style and fashion you would expect from a company in one of the world’s fashion capitals.

Like Kapp & Peterson, the Savinelli Instagram account is a beautiful showcase of the company’s heritage, craft and, perhaps most importantly, stunning products. However, their page is also full of that unmistakable Italian style, making it a joy to look through!

These are just some of the excellent pipe smoking Instagram accounts that you can discover! Do you know an account that we should have included (even if it is yourself)? Please share your favourites with our community!

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