Británicas Coming Back to Britain

La Gloria Cubana Británicas Extra

Big news for British cigar aficionados comes in the form of the recently announced upcoming release of this years’ Regional Edition smoke, La Gloria Cubana Británicas Extra. The cigar was unveiled last week during the Cuban Habanos Festival and is set for an official release later this year.

The Británicas vitola is a unique shape, almost exclusively reserved for Regional Edition cigars. Like a perfecto, these cigars are tapered at both the head and foot, yet feature a more rounded head. This particular cigar, the Británicass Extra, measures 5 3/8 inches long and has a 48 ring gauge. The origins of the name are unknown, yet it is clear that it was first produced with the British market in mind.

There will be 60,000 of La Gloria Cubana Británicas Extra available as part of the Regional Edition release. All of these cigars were formed by only six rollers in a small factory in Baez, Cuba. The cigars are marked as ‘2017’, the year in which they were originally intended to be released, yet production delays saw their release date pushed back a year.

Accompanying the brand band is a secondary silver and red band, which reads ‘Exclusivo Gran Bretaña’, meaning ‘Exclusive Great Britain’ in Spanish. Until 2011, the bands on the British Regional Editions had read ‘Exclusivo Reino Unido’, which is Spanish for ‘Exclusive United Kingdom’. The change came about as it was believed that no one could understand or pronounce ‘Reino Unido’, unless they spoke Cuban Spanish, while ‘Gran Bretaña’ seemed fairly self-explanatory!

The UK last saw a Regional Edition Cuban in 2012, with Bolivar’s 2011 take on the Británicas. The Bolivar Británicas was expected in the autumn of 2011, but it didn’t actually make it to the shelves of its first shop in Britain until mid-April 2012! Let’s just hope we won’t have to wait as long for the most recent Británicas offering then!

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