A Guide to Cask Strength Whisky

Cask Strength Whisky in barrels

In recent years, more and more fans of whisky have been turning from the bottle to the barrel. We take a look at what how cask strength whisky differs from it’s bottled alternative, and why so many are enjoying it now.

More Alcohol Content

Cask strength whisky is, simply put, the whisky straight from the cask or barrel. This means that, unlike bottled whiskies, there is no water added to it before it is bottled. Typically whisky in bottles is around 40 percent ABV (alcohol by volume). In comparison, cask strength is untouched, with a strength of around 60 percent ABV. However, this number can be anywhere between 55-75 percent depending on whether or not any water was added before barrelling.

Premium Whisky

Because cask whisky isn’t diluted, it is usually a premium whisky. This is, in part, due to the fact that the lack of dilution means that the distiller can make fewer bottles out of one cask, and also as the consumer gets more actual whisky.

Unique Flavours

As cask strength whisky is just whatever comes out of the barrel, no two cask strength whiskies will be the same. Some will taste absolutely incredible on their own, whereas others really need that boost from the water for it to reach the optimum flavour. However, it is this versatility and unpredictability that makes this type of whisky so exciting for fans of the beverage.

How Best to Enjoy Cask Whisky

Some prefer cask whisky over bottled whisky as it allows the drinker to be more in control of the flavours, as they are responsible for adding the desired amount of water. Others enjoy cask strength whisky without any additional water, providing a far stronger whisky experience.

One way to enjoy straight from the barrel whiskies is to drink them with ice cubes. This allows for your first sips to take in the full flavour experience of the cask strength whisky, and then gradually taste the diluted version as the ice melts.

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