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The Debated Origins of the Cigar Band

Aged Cuban cigars including Bolivar, Romeo y Julieta, Cohiba cigars and more

In today’s world of cigars, you’d be hard-pressed to find a cigar that didn’t come with its own distinctive band. Today, the band denotes the brand. Cohiba cigars, for instance,  can be identified by vibrant yellow, paired with black and white squares on the band. However, cigars historically didn’t always come with bands, and it is […]

Glossary of Cigar Terminology

Whether you’re a beginner or have been smoking for years, when talking about cigars, sometimes the fun of the smoke can be lost in the confusion of new terminology. Looking for a new cigar to try can prove a real challenge if you’re unsure about what some of the descriptors mean, so we’ve put together […]

A Guide to Flavoured Cigars

Neon signage on the side of a shop that reads cigars

The introduction of flavoured products into the premium cigar market was something that was extremely unexpected; however, flavoured cigars have now become the fastest growing segment in the stogie industry. Many popular publications suggest that growth in cigar consumption is primarily due to the increase in sales of flavoured cigars, which has risen astonishingly by […]

CIA Attempted to Assassinate Fidel Castro with an Exploding Cigar

Fidel Castro during a visit to Washington, DC in April 1959

Former Cuban leader Fidel Castro was a man who was known to enjoy his Cuban cigars – so much so, there was a period where he was hardly ever spotted without one. Of course, this is hardly surprising when you are the leader of the country which produces some of the finest cigars in the […]

Is It Still Traditional for New Fathers to Hand Out Cigars?

Cigars in a box ready to be gifted

The tradition of a new father handing out cigars to close friends and relatives is one that has been around for decades, and we even touched upon it in our five fitting occasions for smoking cigars piece. The gifting of cigars to celebrate the birth of their newborn seems to be a tradition that has […]

The History of Culebras

When you think of cigars, the image you conjure up in your mind will likely be that of a stogie with a traditional shape, like a Corona or a Churchill – a long, brown tube of expertly rolled tobacco, with a rounded or tapered end. While the majority of cigar types will fit this description, […]

Five Unusual Facts About Cigar Smoking Icon Winston Churchill

Churchill before his Iron Curtain speech, cigar in hand.

When you think of cigar smoking icons, one of the first that probably pops into your head is Winston Churchill. The no-nonsense, former British wartime prime minister was often snapped with a stogie in mouth or hand, and as such, resulted in having a variety of cigar named after him. But what about the man […]

Which Famous Cigar Smoker Are You?

With cigars acting as symbols of power, wealth and success, it is no surprise that many famous people smoke them! Take our quiz to find out which famous stogie smoker you are most like!

Cigar Questions Answered: How are Cigars Made?

Hand rolling a cigar

While cigars may seem like magical items, they certainly don’t appear out of thin air! A lot of hard work and skill goes into making the high-quality cigars we enjoy. It isn’t a quick process to make a cigar either, with the journey from field to finish often lasting several years. We take a look […]