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How to Properly Age Your Cigars

Padron cigars in a humidor

If you ever had the opportunity to taste a well-aged cigar, you will know that it has an incredible taste and leaves you wanting more. If you are an avid cigar smoker, you will also know that the taste changes with age. While some prefer a young and fresh flavour from their cigars, other smokers […]

The Definitive Guide to Cigar Humidors and Humidification

Whether you’re growing your cigar collection, investing in a box to age, or like to buy several cigars at once, you’ll need proper protection and storage for the smokes you’re not ready to puff on yet. Premium smokes and collectables, like Cuban cigars, vintage batches and limited editions require proper humidification to keep them safe. […]

How to Store Cigars Without a Humidor


We all know that a humidor is the best way of storing your cigars, but there may be a time in which you find yourself without one. Whether your existing humidor has broken or is too full to fit your newest cigar additions, or you have ended up being gifted a cigar that you’re not […]

Top 10 Cigars For New Cigar Smokers

15 Like any new hobby, knowing where to begin when it comes to cigar smoking can sometimes be a little daunting. If you have decided you would like to join the wonderful world of cigar smoking, then one of the biggest hurdles can be deciding which cigar is the right one to make your first […]

What Does Cigar Wrapper Discolouration Mean?

store your cigars in a humidor

Have you ever gone to get a cigar from your collection and noticed it has a slight stain on the wrapper? If it cannot be wiped away, then it is likely to be a discolouration of the wrapper from a fault in the leaf’s pigmentation.  We take a look at what this discolouration can mean, […]

The Complete Guide to Accessories for Cigar Smokers

cigar accessories, lighter, cutter

Whether you’re a beginner in the cigar world or a seasoned pro when it comes to stogie smoking, the use of good accessories will be essential regardless of your experience and can make a massive amount of difference to the quality of your smoke. Not only do the right accessories make the whole smoking process […]

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