Christmas Gift Buying Guide 2018

Christmas scene with presents

The dreaded C-Word is nearly upon us, Christmas that is, and it’s time to start splashing the cash and showing your loved ones just how much you love them, or not as the case may be. We want to help get you organised for this year as there’s no point leaving it all to the last minute, we’ve all been there and it isn’t fun. From cigars to Cuban coffee, our Christmas gift guide for 2018 has got all bases covered.



For the authentic Cuban experience, then Cubita Ground Cuban Coffee is a must. Having been naturally grown, hand-picked and sun-dried on the plantations in Sierra Leone, the beans are then roasted in Havana. If you’re looking to get the best from your coffee, then we would recommend using an espresso machine or a moka pot.

If you want to be a little more adventurous with your coffee flavours, then check out our range of Little’s Coffee. These 50g jars are the perfect size for stocking fillers and will provide a completely unique coffee experience. We stock a variety of flavours so why not mix and match to make the perfect present?



Three lighters

A necessary component for anyone that enjoys the occasional cigar, the lighter is an accessory you should not be without. There is a wide range of cigar lighters available in our store from various manufacturers, in different styles and colours. There are also different designs with jet lighters offering a windproof flame and lighters with a double flame configuration offering increased contact between fire and tobacco.



Two decorated tumbler glasses

If your loved ones are all set for smoking accessories, but could maybe benefit from some new glasses for their cold beverages then look no further! We stock a hand-picked selection of tumblers that are perfect to accompany a lovely whisky. Our Glencairn 6oz Whisky Glass Tumblers are a perfect Christmas gift as they are presented beautifully in a smart black gift box. The glasses are 24% lead crystal and have been made specifically to enhance the experience, including the important nosing and tasting.



E-Liquid boxes

A relatively new addition to the Havana House family, our selection of e-liquids can offer a great alternative to cigar gifts. Fueled by the meteoric rise in popularity of vaping, e-liquids offer an alternative experience to the traditional cigar. We offer a selection of flavours in a range of sizes so no matter your budget, we’ve got you covered.



Selection of cigars

Our bread and butter here at Havana House, cigars are the ultimate Christmas gift for the elegant and sophisticated. Our vast catalogue of cigars from different regions of the world will not disappoint as there is something for everyone. If you’re new to the cigar world and are buying for a loved one, then we’d recommend checking out our beginner’s guide to cigar smoking, as it has all the information you need on finding a quality cigar!


Selection Packs & Gift Boxes

Cigar gift box

To make finding Christmas presents even easier for you, we also offer a range of Christmas Gift selections presented in beautiful gift boxes, which you can find here. If you know someone who loves smoking cigars, or you want to get a friend to join you on your stogie loving journey, then these gift sets make the perfect present. Plus, if you spend over £50, you’ll enjoy the benefit of free delivery!

Be sure to let us know what gifts you have bought for your loved ones from our store, get in touch on Facebook or Twitter, we’d love to hear from you!

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