A Gentleman’s Christmas: Christmas Gift Ideas for Men

A man’s Christmas gift

The golden leaves have almost all fallen off the trees, the days are getting shorter, and the occasional frost is appearing on the ground in the mornings. As winter sets in, we all begin to think about the festivities ahead. Eating delicious winter warmers, spending quality time with friends and family and sharing gifts and a great time with one another on Christmas day.

For many, gift shopping is something that is left until the last minute, a quick dash around the shops on Christmas Eve. But, if you’re searching for a thoughtful, unique and desirable present, planning and preparation is key!

Here at Havana House, we’ve done the planning and preparation for you and we have a collection of items that will make fantastic presents. We want to help you find the perfect gift for your loved ones, so that you can enjoy the gifting, as much as they’ll enjoy the present.

We have a great selection of gift ideas, whether you are shopping for the finest vintage and rare whisky or a luxury hand-crafted pipe, there is something suitable for the most particular of gentleman.

Our range varies from men’s shaving gifts such as cut throat razers and creams to Cuban cigars, cutters and lighters.

Whether you are searching for an item for your brother-in-law, partner, best friend or a couple, our selection will deliver high quality, imaginative and thoughtful gifts.

If you’re planning on purchasing multiple Christmas gifts, then be sure to take advantage of our free delivery offer for orders over £50! 

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