A Gentleman’s Christmas: Stocking Filler Ideas for Men

A christmas stocking full of cigars

Men are notoriously hard to buy gifts for at Christmas, especially when it comes to those little extras to stuff into stockings, or accompanying the main present. While some of you may have bought most of your Christmas gifts months ago, there are bound to be a few gifts for certain people left on your to-do lists. Havana House is here to make things a little bit easier for you this year, as we have rounded up some of the very best gifts on the net for you to give to the men in your life.


A pair of socks




“Surely not socks”, you may cry! It’s what you always dreaded receiving in your pile of presents as a kid, so why would they make a welcome gift now? Well, socks are a stocking filler staple. Can it truly be considered Christmas without at least one pair of socks? Not only are they an essential Christmas gift, but they are also incredibly practical and a very safe bet.

Let’s be real, the man in your life is unlikely to actually buy themselves any in the year to come, and the pairs they’re currently sporting are bound to be a little worn out. Just do the boring job of sock shopping for them! But the socks themselves certainly don’t have to be boring; go for a funny pair, or ones that relate to a hobby or interest of the person you will be gifting them to. We’re loving the massive range of patterned, plain and themed socks available at SockShop.


A Rubik's cube



We’re all kids at heart really, so why not treat them to a children’s classic like a Rubik’s cube or rubber band gun, which are, arguably, suitable for all ages. Yes, they are just for fun, but they’re great for relieving stress on a quick work break or for you to play around with when you’re too stuffed to move after the Christmas dinner.





Sweets and chocolate are always warmly welcomed by those with a sweet tooth. While you can always play it safe with a standard box of festive-themed chocolates, there are plenty of speciality brands out there who can provide something a little extra. Many chocolatiers are branching out into whackier flavours, with bacon chocolate becoming a popular choice for many men. We’re hoping to get some of Jelly Belly’s new Draft Beer flavoured Jelly Beans in our stocking this year!


A leather-bound journal



With our lives being largely dominated by iPhones and technology, sometimes it can be nice to just note down your thoughts, feelings and future plans with a traditional paper and pen. While any notebook can do, leather-bound journals bring a touch of sophistication with them. This is also an opportunity to expand the gifts, pairing the book with a fancy pen or other quality stationary. We love the tiny pocket-sized mini leather journals, available from JackdawBindery on Etsy in a wide range of colours, perfect for jotting down ideas on the go!



Of course, cigars are making our list, but it is for a very good reason! Smoking a cigar on Christmas Day is a tradition held by many, so why not add one to your loved ones stocking this year? With individual cigars coming packed in a protective tube, neatly decorated with branding information, or available as part of a gift set as seen above, they can make excellent stocking filler gifts. The Romeo y Julieta cigars gift set pictured is one of our favourites as it is accompanied by a cutter, making it ideal for those who only enjoy a stogie occasionally!


What stocking filler ideas do you have for men? Let us know in the comments!

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