Cigar Aficionado Reveal Cigar of the Year 2020

Cigar Aficionado Magazine is a big name in the cigar world, and many cigar lovers will have been waiting eagerly to discover which special cigar has been named ‘Cigar of the Year’ for 2020.

The wait is now over, and we can reveal that the chosen cigar is the luxurious E.P. Carillo Pledge Prequel! We share more about the top cigars of the year, as well as where you can get your hands on these incredible smokes.


Cigar of the Year – E.P. Carillo Pledge Prequel

Named Cigar of the Year 2020 by Cigar Aficionado, the E.P. Carillo Pledge Prequel is certainly one you’ll want to try!

The Pledge is actually a fairly new cigar, only going on sale to the public in September. It is an incredibly rich and complex smoke that is sure to grab your attention, after a few puffs, you’ll know exactly why this cigar has made it to the top of the list.

The Pledge is made with a Connecticut Habano wrapper that adds to its punchy flavour. Within the smoke, you’ll find hints of spicy oak, black pepper, liquorice, cherry and baking spices. The smoke is balanced and masterfully-crafted, finishing with notes of baked apple for the perfect ending.

The Pledge Prequel marks the second time an E.P. Carillo cigar has been named Cigar of the Year. They are certainly a brand to watch!

Here at Havana House, we have the Cigar of the Year, Pledge Prequel, available as a single cigar or as a box of ten! We expect these will gain a lot of interest following their accolade, so add this to your collection while you can!  


Number 2 – Feunte Feunte OpusX Double Robusto

The OpusX line was first released in 1995, and to this day it remains an iconic smoke. The cigars in this line are some of only few that are created with all Dominican Republic tobacco.

One of the best parts about the OpusX is the wrapper, which is shade-grown from Corojo seeds at Chateau de le Fuente.

The Double Robusto is a strong smoke, full of sweet spices and notes of caramel and rum.


Number 3 – Padrón 1964 Anniversary Series Hermoso

Despite its smaller stature, this cigar certainly isn’t short on flavour. In fact, the compact size seems only to have enhanced the intensity of the bold smoke.

If you’ve tried a Padrón 1964 Anniversary cigar before, the Hermoso cigar doubles this experience. It has intense notes of coffee, cocoa and earth that perfectly blends to create an intense, hot chocolatey smoke that envelops your senses.

The Hermoso, released in 2016, is the newest addition to the 1964 Anniversary Series, which was first launched in 1994. Despite constant innovation in the cigar industry, this four-year-old smoke remains such a delight it is still considered one of the top cigars in 2020.


Number 4 – La Mission L’Atelier 1959

L’Atelier was created as a space for brand owner Pete Johnson to create more unique cigars – ones that feature, shapes, sizes and designs that aren’t often seen these days on the cigar market.

La Mission L’Atelier 1959 certainly fits into this description of ‘unique’. It features a pigtail cap and has squarish edges from box pressing.

Balance is at the heart of this cigar’s tasting notes. For every sweet note, there is a salty; every nutty note, a spicy one. It is impressively balanced, while retaining enough of a complex contrast to keep the smoke exciting.


Number 5 – Punch Short de Punch

The first Cuban smoke on the list comes in at number 5! The Punch Short de Punch is the latest new size to be added to the Punch portfolio. When it was announced at the 2019 Habanos Festival, it caused great excitement as new additions to this brand are very rare.

The Short de Punch is a fantastic cigar that is well worth the hype. Smoking it will introduce you to hints of nutmeg, pecans, graham crackers and spicy notes of chilli, making for a complex and intriguing experience.


Rounding up the top 25 cigars:

6. Joya de Nicaragua Numero Uno L’Ambassadeur

7. Alec & Bradley Gatekeeper Robusto

8. Oliva Serie V Melanio Churchill

9. Rocky Patel Number 6 Corona

10. Henry Clay War Hawk Corona

11. Bolivar Belicoso Fino

12. Ashton Virgin Sun Grown Sorcerer

13. Warzone Robusto

14. Casa Turrent Serie 1973 Torpedo

15. La Aroma de Cuba Edicion Especial No. 1

16. Viva La Vida Jester

17. Camacho Nicaragua Robusto

18. Fonesca by My Father Petit Corona

19. Plasencia Cosecha 146 La Vega

20. Four Kicks Capa Especial Robusto

21. Highclere Castle Victorian Toro

22. Romeo y Julieta Reserva Real Nicaragua Toro

23. La Flor Dominicana 1994 Mambo

24. Herrera Esteli Miami Short Corona Gorda

25. Ramon Allones Allones No. 2 Edicion Limitada

Many of these cigar brands can be found here at Havana House! If you would like to try cigars from these brands, or even smoke the Cigar of the Year, then check out our full range of cigars online!

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