Cigar Bucket List 2018

Havana House Cigar Bucket List 2018

The new year has officially begun, and with it comes the opportunity to decide on all of the exciting things you’ll get up to in the months to come! While many set resolutions to improve your life, like losing weight, you can also set goals for fun things to accomplish. This can be particularly good for those who find themselves tucking back into the leftover Christmas chocolates by January 2nd, despite vowing to give up sweet treats for the whole year! So with fun cigar-smoking goals in mind, we present our 2018 cigar smoker’s bucket list:


Smoke That Special Cigar

You probably have one cigar that you once delicately placed, with love, into your humidor for the ‘right’ time, rather than smoking it as soon as you got your hands on it. When is the ‘right’ time for a cigar? We may think it’s all the time, but you’ve probably been waiting for a special occasion to enjoy the smoke. Cigars can make any day a special occasion (or so we believe), so why not just pick a day at random from your calendar and enjoy it then? If you’re set on it being for an important occasion, then choose a more significant day, like a birthday or anniversary. Plus if you smoke it sooner, then you’ll have a bit of space free in your humidor to fill with a new special cigar!


Try Something New

Have you fallen into a cigar rut? Sure, that may be your favourite brand or flavour of cigar, but how will you know for sure that the cigar you’ve eyed-up in the shop but never got around to buying because you think, “what if it isn’t as nice as my usual”, is even better!? Pick something completely new to you and try it! It may sound simple, but often we need that little extra push to taste something outside of our comfort zone.


New Year, New Me

The “me” in this statement, is actually your cigar accessories. When was the last time you upgraded your humidor, lighter, cutter or ashtray? Maybe you were very lucky and received a brand new butane lighter for Christmas? The chances are, however, that you have owned some of your accessories for quite a long time now. Treat your cigars (and yourself!) to the quality accoutrements they truly deserve this year.


Visit a Cigar Producing Country

While this certainly isn’t feasible for all, if you’re still searching for a holiday destination to take a trip to this year, then why not make it one of the incredible cigar-producing countries, such as Cuba? Not only will you have the best excuse to smoke all the cigars you want, but you can also experience the rich history of the areas. If you’re feeling a bit chilly in the winter weather, then why not head over there soon; it is the summer seasons in Southern America at present! Plus, January and February see the arrival of cigar festival season, with the Habanos Festival in Cuba and the ProCigar festival in the Dominican Republic, among others.


Age a Box

There’s a reason cigar aficionados do this – cigars get better with age. Get hold of a box of cigars that you know you love (there’s no point ageing something you don’t like, of course!) and pop them away in a humidor. Leave it a couple of years and enjoy a stogie or two, then you can tuck them back into the humidor for another few years and see how the flavours develop – patience can be a great thing!


What goals would you add to a cigar bucket list for this year? Let us know on social media.

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