Cigar Bucket List 2019

Havana House Bucket List 2019

Let’s be honest with ourselves, new year’s resolutions are a lot of work with often not much reward, that is, unless your targets involve more whisky drinking and cigar smoking! Fortunately, that’s exactly what we’re about at Havana House which is why this year’s bucket list is all about enabling you to be the best version of yourself, by this, we mean the smoking the best cigars and drinking the best whisky. That version of yourself. This list is focused solely on cigars, and hopefully it will inspire you to go out and achieve all of your cigar goals for 2019!

Luxurious Cigars to Smoke

No matter which way you look at it, 2018 was a tough year, so 2019 is your year to treat yourself with some nice luxurious cigars. This can be left up to interpretation, whether you’re buying a more expensive box than you have before, or trying new and luxurious flavours, 2019 should be your year for a more luxuriating cigar experience. We’d recommend checking out our store for a range of products that will be sure to tick whichever boxes you’re looking for.

Investing in Cigars

Cigars are becoming increasingly popular as an investment as more people see returns from them. Cigars, similar to wine, will be an increasingly scarce commodity, especially older cigars from a specific year; you can’t make more 1980s cigars in 2019! A good rule of thumb to follow would be sticking to Cuban cigars with a known history and a limited issue. You could also look at procuring region specific cigars, such as cigars made in Cuba just for the UK market. Typically these are limited editions of roughly 300-500 boxes and can offer good returns when sold. We’d recommend checking delivery time if you’re buying online as cigars can easily dry out if not kept in a humidor.

Watch a Cigar Being Made in Person

Typically, cigars are produced in South and Central American countries such as Cuba, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Honduras, Mexico and, of course, the USA. This means that if you’re based in Europe, you’ll likely have to venture out of the continent to find someone making cigars, which sounds like a great excuse for a holiday! Although a lot of these countries have had bad media coverage in the past, with people often being resistant to visiting, if you’re smart with where and how you visit, you’ll have nothing but a great time!

Try a New Cigar-Making Region

If you’ve only ever exclusively smoked cigars from Cuba or Central American countries, why not try one from Indonesia? There is a small collection of countries outside the list we mentioned earlier in the article that is producing cigars of high quality, so we’d recommend trying cigars from new regions. Perhaps one from one of the West African countries that are also producing, such as Cameroon or the Central African Republic?

Hopefully, this article has provided you with some inspiration for setting and reaching your cigar goals in 2019. We’d love to know what goals you’re setting for yourselves, let us know on Facebook and Twitter.

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