Cigar etiquette: avoid doing these 7 things

An old man smoking a cigar from Xikar humidors

The world of cigar smoking doesn’t tend to have many rules, but there is still a certain code of etiquette to follow and some faux pas you should avoid to not get into trouble at your next herf.

To enjoy your cigar to the max, here are seven things (in no particular order) that you should avoid:

Storing cigars in a fridge

Just because it keeps your vegetables fresh, it doesn’t mean it’ll do the same for your cigars. Your fridge is a dry environment that is meant to keep things cool, not humid, so if you buy a cigar or are gifted one, don’t put it in the fridge! Instead, why not check out our range of Xikar humidors for a better alternative?

Lighting with dirty fuel

The source of your flame must be clean; otherwise, the impurities will be passed onto your cigar affecting its taste and your overall smoking experience. For example, lighting a cigar from a candle will put wax particles into your smoke, leaving a waxy taste in your mouth. For best results, use a lighter which runs on butane which will not affect the taste of your tobacco.

Puffing too often

If you puff on your cigar too often, it can lead to overheating, and overheating will lead to bitterness. As a general rule, you should leave at least 30 seconds in between puffs; slow and cool is the rule.

Cutting a cigar in half to share

Cigars are not homogeneously or symmetrically blended, with the tobacco in one end of the cigar being different from the other end. The cigar maker put very specific tobaccos in different sections of the cigar to ensure you have a dynamic smoking experience from start to finish. Not only this but cutting the cigar in the middle is a certain way to end up with an unravelled wrapper.

Putting a half-smoked cigar back into a humidor

Cigars absorb aromas from around them, so putting a cigar that is partially smoked back inside a humidor will not only taint the cigars you are storing but can also ruin your humidor, leaving behind a charred and ashy aroma that is not easy to remove!

Using a cigar box as a humidor

Some cigar makers will insert a small Boveda pack into a box of cigars but don’t think that just because the box is factory sealed that it will keep your cigars fresh. Treat boxed cigars exactly as you would treat loose cigars and store them correct, as cigars begin to lose humidity as soon as they leave the humidor.

Telling someone how they should smoke their cigar

I know, we are pretty much doing exactly that, but these are guidelines to help you get the most out of your smoking experience. But when you are enjoying a stogie with your friends or at your next herf, don’t be the cigar police! Let people smoke the way they want to.


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