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When compared to some other Cuban brands, Montecristo is not particularly old. But what they lack in years, they more than make up for in history!

In this installment of Cigar History, we’re going to be taking a closer look at the brand that produced the best-selling cigar in the entire world.

Montecristo’s Early Years

In the summer of 1935, Alonso Menendez purchased the Cuban Particulares factory from the makers of the popular Particulares cigar brand. Following a trend set by the manager at Romeo y Julieta, Menendez decided to rename the cigar brand to match the cigar rolling Torcedor’s favourite book – The Count of Monte Cristo.

The tale of personal revenge also inspired the Montecristo logo designed by John Hunter Morris which consists of a triangle made of six swords surrounding a flower.

Montecristo and the Cuban Revolution

Following the rising success of the Montecristo brand, Menendez bought the H.Upmann factory a year later and moved production to the site.

During the Cuban revolution, Montecristo was nationalised, and the brand continued production at the H. Upmann factory. Like most private cigar entrepreneurs at the time, Menendez fled to the Canary islands to try to re-establish the brand. He was backed by British investors but unfortunately, production could not resume abroad because of a lost legal battle with Cubatabaco.

Following the Cuban Embargo, Menendez re-established Montecristo in the Dominican Republic so that he could resume shipping to the U.S. This new brand was owned by Altadis SA, though it was not as successful or as well made as the original Cuban made Montecristo brand.

Montecristo Cigars Today

During the 70s and 80s, Montecrsto (now under the leadership of the Cuban government) continued to rise in popularity and quality. The brand was able to entrench itself as one of Cuba’s top lines and is now one of the most popular Cuban cigar brands in the world with a quarter of the market share.

In addition to that, some Montecristo cigars are heralded as the best in the world with the Montecristo No.4 being the best selling cigar across the globe as well as the No.2 being considered the gold standard cigar by many aficionados.

What are Montecristo Cigars Like?

As we’ve already mentioned, Montecristo cigars are widely considered to be some of the best cigars in the business, but what does it mean to be a Montecristo cigar?

Montecristo cigars are typically medium bodied that are able to satisfy that taste of both novice and veteran cigar smokers, not to mention everyone in between.

While the specific flavours vary between each individual line, Montecristo cigars tend to share the same natural woody flavour with a spiced or bitter-sweet tang that makes Montecristo such a distinguished player in the cigar industry.

The Best Montecristo Cigars

If you’re looking to try a Montecristo cigar for the first time, then why not check out one of our favourites.

Montecristo No.4

Not only is this the best-selling cigar in the world, but it’s also a perfect first cigar for novice smokers. With a stout figure and that classic tang that Montecristo is known for, this cigar offers a nice, medium-bodied smoke that every cigar enthusiast has to try at least once!

Montecristo No. 3

Nestled nicely between the No.4 and the No.2 you have the Montecristo No.3. With flavours of smoked wood and the bitter-tang of mocha coffee beans, this cigar offers a lovely medium-bodied smoke.

Montecristo No.2

Arguably one of the best cigars in the entire world, the Montecristo No.2 received a whopping 96 points out of 100 in the Cigar Aficionado blind taste test. This torpedo has defined what it means to be a Montecristo cigar. With tantalising flavours of wood and spice blended wonderfully with the bitterness of coffee beans, this full-bodied smoke is one that every cigar lover should have in their collection.

If you want to try a cigar from one of the best brands in the industry, then why not browse our full range of Montecristo cigars here.

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